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Archive for November 1st, 2005

Isabel’s Halloween and Tuesday in Ann Arbor

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

halloweenWell, yesterday my friend April brought by her daughter Isabel in a pink piggy suit. Adorable. Isabel is a year and a half old, so she was not quite getting the dress up thing, but she loves it when people tell her how cute she is… so she went along for the ride.

I almost forgot Halloween. I was home at 6pm when they started and went out to the dollar store promptly. I bought two packages of 90 stickers. I cut them up into 2 stickers each, and gave them away. And I ran out at about 7:15. We had 90 kids in about an hour. I’m sure it had to do with the great weather, because some years we get over 100 and some years we get 30. I just turned out the light on the porch, it seemed nuts to go to the store again. I was glad I found the stickers, because feeding children large quantities of corn syrup makes no sense to me.

Today is Tuesday, my day off. I thought I had taken Monday off, but in reality I sat at this desk all day Monday without a break. I worked until about 6pm writing workshop proposals for Michigan Fiber Festival (Allegan) which were due today, and sent them out at dinnertime via email.

After that, I wrote my long blog entry on the Midwest Ukefest (I’d processed the photos the night before, when we got home from our trip). So I spent all day Monday writing. It was a different work than I usually do on Mondays, but it was not truly a day off. At least I got to stay home, which I really enjoyed.

So today I am going to Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti to see my brother, have dinner with him, and then probably go to the Borders Books (Arborland, just off the I-23 Washtenaw exit) knit in. I must say, though, that seeing my brother is perhaps the most important thing I could do. If I end up staying with him till midnight and skipping knit-in, well, that would be a good detour and worthy of a change in plans. We’ll see how busy he is.