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Archive for November 2nd, 2005

A Fine Day

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

Oh, so many things packed into a single day! How will I ever find time to sleep?

(Oh, yesterday I did make it to Yarn Garden with my sample hat, eat dinner with my brother Eric in Ann Arbor, and go to Borders’ Books knit in, and I got home after midnight. That is, it was another packed but wonderful day.)

I started Wednesday with my last session of my Colorful Mittens class at Threadbear, and Faye and I just had a heart-to-heart about everything while we knit. Her mittens are wonderful. I did take pics, will post tomorrow when I have more time after work.

Then I had a lesson with Officiallyaknitter, and she just got a new kitten. I adore kittens. So we talked Alpaca wristwarmers and we talked kittens, and he purred and he played and it was fun.

Then I ran to Little Red Schoolhouse to drop off a sample hat for my upcoming pattern. (Class will be first taught at Yarn Garden in Charlotte (MI) next Wednesday, a week from today. It’s 10am-noon, for 2 sessions (Nov 9 and 23, two weeks between sessions).

The hat I dropped off was knit from alpaca she carries in her shop (bright grass green, dark forest green, yellow), so she’ll have a sample to support the yarn right away. Later we’ll do classes and soon, I hope, I’ll also have a pattern (for me to sell, as well as my shops). For now, it was good to see Linda for a few seconds as I blew in and out.

THEN I taught CityKidz Knit. One of my girls made a garter-fabric wristwarmer out of sherbet-rainbow acrylic yarn and was pretty happy with it. Picture tomorrow.

And then I was done teaching for the day, but after running to the bank and the post office I danced for the rest of the night. Usually I dance till almost 9pm, but I got out early. That meant I could make it before closing, to get dinner from Altu’s restaurant (take out, yummy dinner without the fuss). At Altu’s, Zach Chartkoff (poet extraordinaire) and Shelby B (knitter) struck up a conversation with me which got wonderfully in depth.

Zach and some other great local poets have put out a book called 4 Against the Wall that just got onto the Barnes & Noble online catalog this week, he said. He told me that my favorite poem by Ruelaine Stokes is in the book.

But B&N is listing only three poets on their site for this book (Zach, Sam Mills, and Robert Rentschler, all wonderful writers), and Ruelaine seems to be missing from the list. Pooh. How did they leave out Ruelaine??? She’s a wonderful poet, even better performer of poetry, and as I have mentioned here previously, a wonderful photographer. Let’s hope that B&N gets things straightened out soon.

I went home where Brian was rehearsing with Scarlet Runner String Band. They have a performance at Altu’s restaurant on Saturday, November 12, from 6:30-8:30 if any local folks are interested. They rarely play a concert venue, usually they play for dances. I love to hear them sing, not just play “tunes.” Can’t wait for the 12th.

And now I’m fading. I’m so tired I’m nodding at the keyboard. Yet, I am committed to a post a day when I’m in town, and so I’m making good on that committment.

But pictures will have to come tomorrow. Goodnight.