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Archive for November 3rd, 2005

Faye’s Mitts and CityKidz’ Projects

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

I promised yesterday I’d share photos with you today. First, Faye’s amazing self-designed colorful mittens. This class just ended at Threadbear, and we had a wonderful time together. She had a black solid and a multicolored self-striping yarn with VERY long stripes. So long that the colors did not repeat even once per mitten, to be exact. She let them be “fraternal” mittens, and she has a son in law waiting impatiently to wear them. He’s a musician and leaving for europe on tour soon (if I remember the story properly) and he wants to wear the mittens on his tour. How sweet is that?

Next is one of my wonderful CityKidz. I have just an amazing, productive group of kids this year. First is a girl who had started making a baby blanket, then realized how long that would take so adjusted her plans to a small “pillow.” However, when we got talking about wristwarmers, I showed the kids how they can knit a rectangle and sew it together to make a wristwarmer (using her pillow piece as my example).

She decided to make the piece into a wristwarmer right then and there. It’s pretty exciting to wear your own knitting, you know??? So here she is with her wristwarmer on. Cool, I’d say.

Last photo is another CityKid. She just started with me at the beginning of October, no previous knitting experience. She has been going full-speed ahead knitting wristbands. She was wearing these 7 wristbands to class last Wednesday, and she had given several away as gifts as well. Go grrrl! I’m so proud, and she’s proud of herself, too… which is much more important!