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Archive for November 5th, 2005

I’m Knitting as Fast as I Can

Saturday, November 5th, 2005

hatWhen I was a teenager, I had a Red 1975 American Motors Gremlin car. It was considered a tiny, powerless car at the time (never mind that it had a straight-six-cylinder engine, but this was in the era of the V-8 “boat” luxury car). I had a bumper sticker on that car that said, “Don’t Honk, I’m Peddling as Fast as I Can.” Right now I feel like that in my knitting realm.

I am knitting a lot of hats right now, in anticipation of my “Easy Fair-Isle Hat” class I’ll be doing at Yarn Garden in Charlotte (MI) this upcoming Wednesday morning (and another session 2 weeks following that). It’s a wonderful hat, I’m proud of it. It looks good on the wearer, allows three colors of yarn (and you know how much color can perk up a cold day) and has merely six rows of two-color knitting, not much effort and LOTS of effect. It’s just a tiny more work than stripes for significantly more visual interest.

hatsYou saw one version of this hat earlier on the blog (in Debbie Bliss DK washable Merino). Since then I have knit another in Alpaca with a Twist, tried another in some Naturally 10 ply (too heavy a yarn for me to like the fabric so I stopped knitting it), then I just finished one in Zara extrafine washable merino (breathtaking, this yarn is so easy to knit and it’s washable). I got the alpaca from Little Red Schoolhouse and the Naturally from Rae’s.

Now I’m knitting one in Debbie Bliss alpaca/silk DK from Rae’s, and one more in GGH Bali cotton/acrylic from Threadbear. This hat seems to thrive in many yarns.

I’m very happy with this design. I’ll have a pattern for sale coming out shortly, probably around Thanksgiving. This hat takes maybe 2 days for me to knit it up. Assuming, of course, I don’t try to knit two of them at the same time, anyway!

I also just finished a practical hat for Brian to wear when he goes on walks at lunch, in solid-colored dark red Cascade 220 washable. It seemed just a little roomy (but warmer that way) when he tried it on as I knit. It’s a Knit-2/Purl-2 rib and when I blocked it, the thing stretched so much I now am a bit worried. I’ll wait for it to dry before I determine if it’s too big.

Maybe I knit on too big needles, maybe I knit with too many stitches. I don’t use K2P2 rib often, but since he wanted to turn up the edge of the hat (so that it would have double-insulation over his ears) I knit it that way and maybe it’s more stretchy than I expected. We’ll see how that goes… as I said, I can’t know for sure until it’s dry.

You can see I’m busy enough with work knitting, right? Yet I keep buying yarn for dream projects. I finally determined which colors I wanted to do the Vivian Hoxbro Shadow Knit “Diagonal Stripes Shawl” in. I bought the yarn (Jamieson two-ply) at Threadbear this Friday.

It will be two colors of medium purple alternated with a navy (rather than black or charcoal which I started thinking I’d use). That is for the main shawl body. Then there are edge stripes for accent, and one is in a dark turquoise (teal) and one is a sort of emerald green. It will be beautiful. Green/teal/blue/purple is what they call an “analogous color scheme” in art class (colors adjacent on the color wheel). And this particular four colors is a favorite of many, many humans (we’re talking sea and sky here). It’s going to be lovely. When it’s completed, that is.

I know for sure I can’t knit it until December at the earliest. However, since I tried on that shawl (from the trunk show) over Labor Day weekend at Threadbear, I can’t get it out of my head. I even dreamed I was wearing it. So it’s on the “to do” list with my Bloom shawl my Lucy Neatby Equilateral vest, and my Annie Modesitt silk knit corset, the Colinette Tagliatelli shrug I need to re-design, the socks for my mom I started last spring, the machine-knit tank that needs a front re-knit, the Bonkers Fibers rovings screaming for me to spin them up… And a bunch of other dream projects, both started and not.

I always say you can’t buy passion, it’s a gift for the creative soul… and I’m passionate about fiber. I am grateful that I have so many dreams, because that means I have found something I adore doing. However, sometimes I need to finish something. And I really sometimes long to finish something that is just for me.

But today I’m glad for a job that lets me do my favorite thing in the world. And today I’m knitting for my yarn shops and as prototypes for this hat pattern I’m working up. It could be much worse. I was a very unhappy secretary, as I recall. I’m always happy to knit.

Photos: 1) Prototype hat (raspberry) in Zara yarn from Yarn Garden. 2) Bottom Left (green) hat in Alpaca with a Twist from Little Red Schoolhouse, Top Right (dark teal blue) hat in Debbie Bliss Merino DK from my stash (I purchased a lot of this over the years, at three different shops including Threadbear and Yarn for Ewe).