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Archive for November 7th, 2005

I Had to Slow Down

Monday, November 7th, 2005

cakeSunday is usually a work day for me. This week I instead had several gatherings on the schedule.

I started with a wedding shower for Phaedra of the Habibi Dancers. It was a fun girly event, lots of us crammed into a brand new house. Sort of a Housewarming/Shower, with lots of laughs, good food and entertainment. Brandi made a homemade cake that looked like a bride. My Gramma Ruthie would have loved this! Gramma was a girly-girl who loved anything with flowers. Gramma had a toilet-paper-roll cover with a doll in it, on the order of this cake.

The cake was pronounced wonderful by all who ate it. I’m pretty sure none was left! I think it was carrot cake, I do know that the bulk of the frosting was cream cheese frosting. She did use buttercream frosting for the flowers, however. Yum! Anything with butterfat in it is bound to be extra-tasty, you know?

fallI left the shower before it was done, to meet Brian at a park-and-ride lot so we could go to Grand Rapids. His sister and family are here from Virginia.

Since Brian’s immediate family, spouses and kids add up to over 2 dozen people, the family rented a heated pavilion at a park in the Grand Rapids area to get together. We had a very nice potluck/gathering. The tiny ones played hide and seek, the teens jammed on guitar and bass (and checked out each others’ MP3 players), and the adults mostly sat in a circle and chatted.

Oh, and it seems more of the ladies in Brian’s family are knitting these days. Sis in Law Judy showed me her 3rd pair of socks (her first pair were my Fast Florida Footies). Mom in Law showed me some prayer shawls she and Judy are knitting for chemo patients at a local hospital. I think I heard previously that there were other family women also knitting the shawls, but I didn’t hear more this weekend.

The leaves just Saturday were still mostly in the trees, an amazing number of them still green. However, Sunday brought totally November weather. It was 43F/6C degrees in the afternoon and the wind was fierce. Leaves came down in bucketsfull… look at how sparse the trees look in this photo of kids playing Nerf football at the park.

When we got home we had planned to go to a music party near Lansing. I just could not go on, though. I have had such a cram-packed schedule and each obligation was all about being in rooms just full of people. I need alone time and I have not been getting much. So Brian went to the party and I went to bed at something like 7pm. I read my Debbie New Unexpected Knitting book while I knit round and round in circles on a Watercolor Bag I’m making as a sample for Threadbear. I turned off the lights at something before 10pm. Mind you, I almost never go to bed before 12:30am and I frequently am up past 2am. I just needed to snuggle under warm covers and be in peace and quiet for a while. It was just what the doctor ordered.