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Archive for November 9th, 2005

Isabel’s Day of Shiny Things

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

Wednesday, little Isabel (my dance friend/neighbor April’s baby) came to dance practice. It was fun to have her there.

She has always been quite clingy to her mom when in the big group of dancers. This time was different. She saw all these ladies wearing such shiny things, she couldn’t help herself. She went from one dancer to the next, reaching out to touch the shiny pseudo-coins as they dangled freely. Such a sweetie. It was great to see her grow more confident (even if it was because of the shiny things we all love) and wander away from mommy more than ever. They do grow up!

Here is the sweet girl in a room full of dancers having a small meeting. Garnett/Yasmina Amal (our troupe director) is standing at the front of the group making plans for the next performance. Isabel is entranced by her coins. Nobody minds at all, about half the dancers are mothers themselves and the rest of us adore the babies who are not ours. I love this pic… business as usual for all but the child, you know?

And finally April holding our sweet thing. One of the dancers let Isabel play with her unused coin wrap. The baby was playing hide and seek with me using it to hide behind. Such fun!