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Archive for November 12th, 2005

Even More Indulgence!

Saturday, November 12th, 2005

Oh, wow. I am in the process of trying to re-organize my yarn area, it’s just so messy I couldn’t find things easily. And I was pretty darned sure I had another hank of pink Indulgence.

I found one! And (drum roll) it’s the same dye lot as the four skeins Rob gifted me with this week!!! Whooboy, I’m living right or something. So it’s official: I have 1230 yards of this heaven-in-a-skein.

Laurie says I should consider a shetland lace shawl. She says they are easy to knit without needing to carry around a chart. I don’t even know anything about how they look. I like some geometric lace, am not fond of flowery/girly lace, but she thinks I can find something I like. I will have to go looking around.

I like entertaining the idea of a sweater of some simple sort… but this will be really warm fabric so eyelets make sense… except that there is that “I don’t really like lace” thing again.

A ballet-type wrap sweater sounds great but that would fit too tight for the garment to breathe, I think. I also tried on that greek-inspired sweater that was in Interweave Knits (Fall 2005)… when the actual sweaters were at Threadbear for a trunk show. It was really cute on me (I’d pass on the chiffon edging), but again it fits really close with stockinette fabric, and would probably be too hot in this yarn. (I can’t believe I actually am worried about being too warm, but this is alpaca/angora so I think even for me this is an issue to consider.)

Good thing I don’t have to decide right away! I sure don’t have time to knit it right now, anyway, but the planning is just as fun as the knitting and the wearing, you know?

Off to listen to Scarlet Runner at Altus…

Scarlet Runner at Altu’s this Saturday

Saturday, November 12th, 2005

Scarlet Runner Stringband at Altu'sBrian is in many bands, and one he has played in for a long time is the Scarlet Runner String Band. They usually play instrumental music for Contradances. Sometimes, however, I’m lucky and I can snag them for a concert performance at Altu’s. This Saturday (today, perhaps, depending on when you read my blog), they are playing again for Altu.

I’m really excited, I love to hear them sing for a change! Larry does a bunch of numbers but I love his cowboy song best of all. Brian sings/plays all sorts of variety, and Mike sings/plays some originals and some jug band/”old-timey” music. I love how Mike sings. He’s doing a solo performance for Altu in December, which will be a treat. Meanwhile, please join us this Saturday for good food, great music and great fun.

This photo is of the Scarlet Runner Band, playing at Altu’s in July of 2003.