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Archive for November 17th, 2005

Tired from a Long Work Day

Thursday, November 17th, 2005

Well, I had a looooong day. I had a computer training job for a client I used to see weekly, but haven’t seen in months. It was SO good to see them again, and we had a great and productive day. But our appointment was at 9am, and I don’t usually wake up until after that time. So that alarm went off mighty early! No problem, I’ll do whatever this client wants. They have been good to me for more than a decade, and they feel more like friends than just clients.

After that appointment, I had a quick lunch with my friend Altu and then went to Foster Center for the rest of the day. I first had CityKidz Knit! program, which is just more wonderful every week. Then I had a computer lab (with hangers-on knitting during computer time).

And finally I had the first session of my Hats and Bags class. Two of my students are doing my Watercolor Bag. This is quite flattering, since I allowed them to choose any project in the round they wanted. I’m excited to see how their bags come together, as they chose very different colors than I’ve chosen thus far (I do tend to go toward intense colors with blue undertones).

I’d say it was as successful and busy a day as I could possibly wish for. I loved it all… but I’m tired!

Unfortunately, underneath it all I’m fighting day 2 of yet another allergy headache. Therefore, I’m going to bed before midnight and I’m not taking time to process my photos today.

Stay warm, everyone! It was 21F at 9am here, and snowy. Ugh. At least the roads, where I was driving, were not slippery.

Off to sleep…