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Archive for November 18th, 2005

Social Butterfly Day

Friday, November 18th, 2005

I had a wonderful Friday. I slept as long as I could (the city furnace inspector called before I really wanted to wake up but I did scribble lacesleep longer than usual). I got enough sleep to shake off the 2-day headache, which was great news.

Lunch with Tony
I had a small late breakfast with great tea. Then I went at noon to New Aladdin’s at Frandor to meet my friend Tony for lunch.

I had not seen Tony in months. I missed him. He is such a fine individual, and very good company as well. We had a great lunch and then we went to Rae’s Yarn Boutique across the street (how convenient that she is right in “my neighborhood”). It was quite the scene there today… I saw someone I’ve known since the late 1970’s, and saw Sarah Peasley and Sharon P. as well.

Knitting Time/Talking Time
And then my friend/student Sue came around, and we knitted and talked and knitted more. Sue started a new scarf with gorgeous thick/thin yarn in pinks and white and greens.

Fiddling/Revising Scarf/Hat Set
At the same time, I finally finished the skein of yarn I had on the 2nd Ebeneezer Project scarf… and it made a fairly short scarf. So to make the scarf better, I took some stash textured yarn in almost the same color, picked up stitches at the bottom of the scarf ends. I knit another 3 garter ridges and then 3 rows of looped knitting (Rae showed me how, it was easier than the looped cast on I did once). Then bound off.

scribble laceThe looped fringe was cute on the scarf. But then the hat didn’t really match… Tony suggested a pom pom and I ended up making one with loops rather than cut ends (the stash yarn would have ravelled if cut).

The hat is way more cute than it was with a button on top. The pom pom is just adorable! And actually, the looped fringe is good as well. It did make a scarf with a right side and wrong side but that’s not so bad, really, as when we wear a scarf one side is out and one is not visible. I hope it makes someone really warm, the base yarn is Lamb’s Pride Worsted wool/mohair.

More Proof that Lansing is a “Small Town”
So then I walked across the street (I told you this is my neighborhood) to get groceries at the health food store. And ran into two young ladies I used to know around 1990 or so when I worked at Black Child and Family Institute. I’ve run into them and their parents from time to time so recognized them. We got talking and talking, there is so much to share sometimes! It was wonderful.

Home, Sweet Home
Then home, and a simple dinner of pasta and italian red tomato sauce, with fava beans for protein in the sauce. And some knitting. (Later we also practiced our music… a wonderful way to really feel married, if you ask me.)

Happiness is Knitting without Deadlines
I got a lot done knitting today. Since Friday is a day I designate ss a day off, I mostly worked on items not for work/yarn shops.

Besides finishing the charity hat/scarf set, I finished grafting together two parts of the Watercolor Bag (I took photos of the whole process if I ever get the time/inclination to edit them). It’s ready for me to start knitting the bottom of the bag (it’s top down).

I also swatched a bit more on the Indulgence yarn from my friend Rob at Threadbear. I like the two choices I swatched a day or two ago, but now I am trying a few more stitch patterns before I decide. It will be a LOT of knitting. I want to really love the process of knitting it, and I want to really love the result. Swatching now will help me love everything about this project.

Extra-Fun Knitting Project for Myself
And best of all: I started a Scribble Lace stole from Debbie New’s book “Unexpected Knitting.” Of course, I am not following the instructions literally (and I can not believe Debbie would expect me to). However, it’s really beautiful so far.

I am using a thick/thin yarn in white, dark blue and bluish-turquoise (I got it in Indianapolis), along with a very thin laceweight fuzzy mohair yarn in a medium-light purple (from Rae). The purple is just the foil for the blues (I am the only person I know who does not like standard blues at all, though I like teals and purple-blues if they contain very little gray).

So I love the color combination and I love the very intriguing/textured fabric. I can guarantee that when I was a child, this fabric would have really bothered me because it is not even or orderly at all. Right now, it is the right kind of wild!

I am just sure this will be a very warm stole with the fat wool and the mohair. Mohair is so very warm even when extremely lightweight! I’m excited… who knows when I’ll finish it but I’m sure I will, it’s so beautiful. The down side is that it really requires looking at the knitting as you work, and I’m not very good at that. I’ll have to have other “on the road” projects.

I’m expecting a good-sized stole. The thick-thin yarn in the book was Colinette Point 5 which has 54 yards in a skein. This yarn I’m using is GGH Trikolore and it has 77 yards (70m). The lace mohair is Kid Merino by Crystal Palace with 240 yards in 25gm.

I’m knitting 2 rows of the mohair on size 19 US/15mm needles and one row on size 15 US/10mm, plus one row of thick-thin on the size 15, and that is one repeat. It looks like I have a very close to perfect ratio between the yarns for that repeat sequence, and I’ll have a significantly larger wrap than the book shows. I’m looking forward to wearing it already!

The Scribble project goes really fast, on those huge needles. I just started the project after dinner, and I have almost a foot (30cm) of fabric knit already (only 56 stitches per row, 16 rows knit thus far). Wonderful!

Photo Status
I’m still sort of overwhelmed with how many photos I’ve taken in the last few days. I’ll eventually get you a great photo-essay of the cutting/grafting of my Watercolor bag, and some photos of at least one class, and perhaps some scribble lace (so far the only lace that attracts my eye in any real way). For now, it’s already bedtime again.

(OK I lied, I amended this entry to show one close-up of the scribble lace around midnight… then another larger view added on Saturday just before noon. Fun, huh?)