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Archive for December 4th, 2005

Lazy, Gray Day

Sunday, December 4th, 2005

I just said here that I’m not lazy. Well, today I guess that is not true.

It was sunny for maybe an hour this morning, and Brian and I went to Pablo’s Panaderia in Old Town. He had a gorgeous breakfast that looked a lot like one we ate in Playa Del Carmen (on a road going south out of town where nobody in the building spoke English) back on our trip to Mexico‘s Yucatán peninsula, about 10 years ago. His meal today looked really good. I had fabulous, hand-squeezed orange juice and a cup of green tea. There was nothing there I could eat but being there was enough of a treat for me. I’d never been there before, though Brian eats lunch there often.

I started a sock in the car on the way to lunch. It’s basically my First-Time Toe-Up Sock pattern. I’ve finished the toe and the foot, and am now working on the heel. Gotta love fat yarn! This is the Plassard Merinos (100% wool, machine wash air dry) which is supposed to be Aran weight but which is knitting up nicely at 5.5st/inch on size 3 US (3.25mm) Brittany needles. It sounds extreme (the yarn says to knit at 3.5 to 4 st/inch on size 6-7 needles) but it does not feel too dense at all, for socks anyway.

The yarn includes 3 shades of turquoise. Totally me. I already finished the foot of the first sock, so when I catch up with this one I can decide if they will be slipper socks with almost no cuff, or whether I want to knit up a while and make them out-and-about winter socks. We’ll see when the time comes.

I do have a few pattern orders that came in while my computer was down yesterday so I am filling those. I thought I’d also be felting 2 bags today (a new one for Rae and the Threadbear bag one more time) but that is where I’m feeling lazy. I am a bit cold phobic, the basement where the washer is, is not heated… and when I’m done I expect to be plunging at least one of the bags from cold to hot to cold to hot water. This is not my favorite cup of tea. I’ll get over it, but I’ve put it off long enough now that I won’t be delivering a bag to the boyz at Threadbear today.

The sun is significantly gone and it is 3:30pm. Brian says we’ll be getting snow for a while here. I just checked the National Weather Service for Lansing and it shows snowflakes and only snowflakes, for today through Thursday. Grump, grump, grump. Makes you just want to go back to bed and sleep for a week, you know???

Anyway I have had some great classes lately including polymer clay at Yarn Garden yesterday. I did take pictures, you know that. I’m the obsessed reporter when I need to just be in the moment, at times.

But for now I think I’ll go make another cup of tea and finish this bulky-wool sock. I may need it to stay warm on the way to the post office.