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Archive for December 5th, 2005

Whew! On the Way to Finishing…

Monday, December 5th, 2005

minisox by LynnHOh, my… the not knowing was worse than the final answer. I re-felted the Threadbear K1C2 Watercolor bag, using first my new washboard (thanks, Edna!) and then another long round through the washing machine. I also added my just-finished bag for Rae in the wash and it felted like a champ… better than the one I use myself.

I still need to sew D-rings inside the bags (to control the I-cord handle). After I do that, you will have some photographs! Finally!

I also had some good knitting time where I could not count or follow a pattern… a 75 minute conference call for starters. I have finished both feet of the Plassard Merinos socks and am just deciding what sort of cuff I want on them.

I’ve knit a fairly snug stockinette cuff for 30 rounds on one of the two, it’s just over three inches tall. I may just bind it off and it will be a rolled cuff. I like tight cuffs with rolled edges, they work over tight legging pants and also work as a second pair of socks (over a thinner pair for warmth)… and look fine underneath my baggy legwarmers on really cold days. The second cuff has only 13 rounds knit thus far, but with this fat yarn I can make them match soon enough and wear them. I’m ready to finish some knitting, you know?

Photo today is a pair of minisox I knit as decorations at holiday time in 2002, if I remember right. It’s an old photo but I figure eye candy, old or no, is better than no photo at all…