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Archive for December 6th, 2005

Two Pairs Completed, Two Days

Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

Well, I broke the slow spell. I finished two pairs of socks in two days. In the early morning hours of Monday, I bound off the Plassard Merinos fat socks with rolled cuffs. I wore them Monday when out and about. They were very comfy and very turquoise!

Monday before I left Threadbear, I bought two balls of Lana Grossa Bingo (fat washable wool) for more fat warm winter socks. I’m really into the washable idea right now, as most of my warm wool socks are handwash only. So when I got home I cast on for a pair of Bingo socks and got about 2″ into the first toe…

… when I noticed in my pile of “sort this someday” half-balls of yarn and half-knitted sample items, there was a nearly finished Toe Up sock footie in bulky Lamb’s Pride. The sock was my sample item for a sock class at Little Red Schoolhouse, a few months ago when it was not this cold out. I had forgotten about it. It’s basically a footie with about a 1″ rib for a cuff. At only 32 stitches around, this style/yarn for me is nearly an instant knit.

I put down the Bingo and by 2pm Tuesday I had finished the second footie. I do benefit from having small feet (size 6US Narrow). I can finish even skinny-yarn socks fairly quickly for my feet. But lately I’m so busy knitting for others that I have made essentially no socks in 2005.

My feet are still a tiny bit chilly at my drafty desk. However, with bulky Lamb’s Pride on them, they are happier than they have been in weeks.

My new hard drive is mostly working but I still do not have my PhotoShop installed so I’m without pictures again. Drat. Sorry, guys.

Carrot-Orange and Turquoise Kitchen

Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

This falls into miscellaneous artforms, and Socknitting as well (there is a very fine pair of orange socks in many of the pictures). My ideal kitchen, though I never knew it until now. They call it tacky. Hmm. I call it funky, artful, fun, energetic, and wonderful. I guess I need to embrace the word Tacky, then.

For the record, I have a door that looks almost identical to theirs. Mine is purple with turquoise trim (a cropped pic is on the page for my Watercolor Bag pattern. We must be cousins!

I Love this Sock!

Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

This small-zigzag sock makes me smile.