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Archive for December 9th, 2005

Sweater that Fits a Tree Perfectly

Friday, December 9th, 2005

I was visiting one of my fave blog reads, Fig and Plum, today. She had a link to this tree sweater. A bare tree, missing its leaves in Cleveland, has some sort of friend who knit tube after tube and covered the tree in shades of red and pink, among other colors. I love how colorful the tree is!!! What a grand and glorious concept!!!

And in the “unusual knitting” category also, is mohair knit covered rocks. Rocks with sweaters. I never would have thought of that, either.

What else (in nature or not) needs a sweater? That is truly something to ponder when in that state of not-quite-awake/not-quite-asleep.

Snow… White Everywhere

Friday, December 9th, 2005

It snowed, and snowed, and snowed. It’s at least six inches (15cm) deep out there, Brian says. I have not had to go out yet but we are singing for another private party this afternoon.

I am tired of going out in clothes inappropriate for the weather, so I can look good (as my alter-ego Lynn Heftone, the Singer). However, I am *not* tired of singing for pay! We have seven private parties lined up this December and it is right up our alley. We two acoustic musicians singing music guests know (they instinctively sing along), is about perfect entertainment for a holiday party, I’d say. So the snow and holiday season *has* brought good to us, driving hassle or not.

I admit that what I do like about the snow is that it muffles all the sound. Also, we get less traffic on our somewhat-busy street when the snow first falls. I like the quiet a lot. The furnace blows loud enough that it is my most distracting sound on days like this. We live on a corner in a city neighborhood, not horribly noisy but the snow makes things very different, a bit of a vacation from noise pollution that I normally do not notice.

My computer (with new hard drive installed) is acting OK for now. I think that maybe a new gizmo I sometimes plug in to the laptop is the culprit. The main PC seems to work fine when I don’t plug in this extra piece. In fact, the laptop acts fine much of the time when the gizmo *is* plugged in, but when Windows freezes for a half hour, all I need to do is unplug said gizmo and it seems to unfreeze. I hope I’ve figured out my issue so I can go on without worrying about lost data.

I’m knitting a lot, too. I finished a pair of wristwarmers out of my own handpaint, for Altu’s daughter. I also worked on the green Bingo socks, plus an alpaca/silk hat for Brian (the hat I made him just is not warm enough, and it’s stretching/growing but because it’s superwash I can’t shrink it). I’m dreaming of legwarmers and all sorts of other projects whispering at me from the “in process” box. The box is so full it is overflowing onto the floor, but I’ve been really cranking out final products lately so I hope to continue in that direction.

Still no pics, I need to figure out the new configuration of my computer with the new hard drive. I have way too many for when I get going again…

Off to sing.