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Archive for December 10th, 2005

Keeping it Simple

Saturday, December 10th, 2005

Yesterday was supposed to be my day off, but because of our performing schedule I ended up with two working events. However, today I could have gone to Spinners Flock in the morning, and I had a possible class in the afternoon. The class cancelled, and I grabbed the chance at a full day off at home.

I even got so excited I made a plan to sit at my knitting machine all day and do my best to make something wearable. I picked a project (funnel neck from Sally Melville Color) and even splurged on new yarn, as ridiculous as that may be (I have precious little yarn on hand in quantities enough for a top/sweater, unless it be brushed mohair… and I wanted a garment that would be against my skin).

I was excited about the knitting machine idea. I like the gizmo but it has a big learning curve. I’ve made lots of swatches this year and the back of a tank top that worked out. The last time I made something actually useable on it was two years ago. That’s too long!!! Time to dive in and have fun.

But I stayed up too late, slept not late enough, and proceeded to do the few business things I needed to do before I could play. And it’s nearly 4pm now, and I’m still making the computer behave.

Somehow in the conversion to the new hard drive, my PDF writer didn’t write, so I couldn’t send a proofing copy of a pattern to my test knitter. I had to re-install, uninstall, re-install again.

Then I finally processed a couple of photos for you, and I could not get my FTP program to access my website so I could upload. A phone call to my wonderfully calm husband helped me re-think the situation and I fixed that as well.

I did do a little knitting on a hat for Brian while waiting for downloads and installs. The yarn I got for my funnel neck is still in the bag. I actually was looking forward to the zen process of winding it into balls on my ballwinder. The day is not done yet, and I’ll get to it, but the day is not as I planned.

Then I go and get hungry! How inconvenient. Well, I don’t like to cook but lately my habit of ignoring hunger in order to avoid cooking is not working for me. (I end up eating too much later, and it’s really bad for my body to do it that way.) I had to do something.

So I made it simple. I cut open a gorgeous ruby red grapefruit (this is the right time of year for citrus) and dug in. It was dripping with fresh juice, and it was beautiful to behold… yellow skin, red pulp, turquoise plate, shiny spoon.

Now I’m boiling some success rice (boiling pouches that cook for 8-10 minutes with no measuring) and I’ll add the rice to some wonderful boxed free-range chicken broth. Instant lunch, almost. I’ll add some dill weed and drizzle good olive oil on top. I only need a little lunch today… because…

We will be eating dinner at Altu’s tonight, as Mike Ross is playing and that is an act not to be missed. I am not sure if he’s done a solo gig before, he has played in many a band over the years and is fiddler/harmonica player/ singer in Scarlet Runner Stringband with Brian. But he has a cassette tape out with original material on it, and I love his pairing of melody with poetic and thoughtful lyrics. He’s well known as a harmonica player, and he’s a wonderful friend to have. Maybe some of you will join us there, too.

Well, the buzzer tells me my success rice is successful. I’m going to go add the broth and have some lunch. Healing food today… chicken soup, grapefruit, and good tea. Keeping it simple is the way to a better attitude, you know?

Photos… finally! I’m vastly behind, but these are Lori and Brenda’s Watercolor Bags. They have finished the three skeins each of Noro Kureyon yarn (they picked the same colorway as their center skein, without knowing it). They are decreasing for the bottom of the bag in a solid yarn. I’ll be seeing them for my Reading Simple Patterns class at Rae’s on January 12, and I hope to see their bags felted then! Oh, and a too-blurry photo of the one and only Mike Ross!