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Archive for December 22nd, 2005

More Dyed Yarns, Soon

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

I’ve been too busy, even though I have no classes for a while. I’m preparing a new batch of yarns to dye and sell just after Christmas. I’ve actually got an assistant here for a few days and having her makes me really stay focused and more productive. I wish I didn’t have to sleep, but that’s life!

Oh… big news. I will have a new experimental yarn for sale in the next several weeks. I will never give up my beloved Cushy ColorSport (machine wash/machine dry DK weight springy merino). However, so many folks who follow my work are big socknitters, and they often prefer fingering weight sockyarn, washable wool/nylon blend.

I will probably have about 10 skeins on a test basis, in the next batch or two of handpaints I’ll have on my sale site. They will be appx. 100gm/3.5oz, enough for one pair for most folks… same size as Opal handpaint, I think about 440 yards.

Right now I’m very low on yarn stock and my site is not updated well, but give me a week or so and we’ll be into new wonderful colorways and the new sockyarn. I haven’t named the new yarn yet.

I must confess that all this holiday stuff on the schedule is not making me merry. I guess I’m more stuck in my routine than I thought! It’s nice to have days off to enjoy family and friends, but with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s day, I’m having fewer days for work. I don’t get sick days or vacation days, so I really can’t do a few weeks (or even days) off like people with day jobs. I don’t mind working, but it’s hard to work when you need to see this group and that group and this family and that family.

I see my brother this weekend and Brian’s family next week. I saw Iris last Monday. Now if I can just work enough to make up for all that time playing around, I’ll be good.

Speaking of (near-)family, I had lunch with Altu today as we often do on Thursdays. We met a little early so we had time, and went to Sears (between her restaurant and Foster Center) because she needed gifts. Well, I ended up buying something as well… for my wonderful Brian. Good thing she got me out into a store, because there is no way I can make him a pair of socks in a few days with the other things I have on my to-do list.

I’m way behind on emails, I had over 100 drafts in my outbox, half written. I’m down to maybe half of that. I really would like to get that all tidy and clean by the first. I hope. I get overwhelmed and then I don’t follow up for people who deserve to have me get back to them. One day at a time, I’m getting back into the present. I’m good with filling orders very quickly but chatty notes don’t do as well.

As busy as I feel right now, I have been knitting while waiting in line here and there, and at guild and with the CityKidz. I’ve stalled on the machine-knit funnel neck because it requires sitting still at home. I figure I will work on that on the 25th, as that is a day off and the funnel neck is a personal project, not a work project.

I finished my 123rd pair of socks, in Bingo yarn (did I already say that once here?). Today I photographed them but I need to go back into the dye studio so the photo must wait.

I also finished one legwarmer converted from the arm of the Manos/Ralph Lauren sweater I’m redesigning. The second legwarmer has half the ribbing done, so that should be finished this weekend. Easy knitting for waiting in line at the post office (that is, when you don’t break your vintage plastic needles in half in your purse… sigh). No photos on that project yet.

I’m hoping to work up, finally, that rolled-edge hat pattern as well. In my spare time!!! The plan is to make kits, with a hat pattern, yarn and a LynnH ColorJoy polymer clay button, all coordinated together. A great idea, if I can get all the ducks to stay tidily in a row!

Have a great night. Remember, the shortest day has passed us, it’s getting warmer already!!!