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Archive for December 23rd, 2005

More Busy-ness

Friday, December 23rd, 2005

hat by LynnHToday was another jam-packed day. I had lunch with my friend Ulyana, who is a fabulous cook. We had Indian dal soup (red lentils with spices, it was wonderful) and pumpkin custard. And tea, my favorite. We had a wondeful time.

Then my helper came over for many hours and we worked on my new yarn dyeing batch. It was slow today, with static electricity playing games on the skeinwinder, but we kept plugging and got at least something done.

I went to Altu’s for dinner and also bought food from her, to go, for Sunday dinner. It’s not a holiday without her food, even if it’s just the 2 of us at home. Maybe *especially* when it’s just the two of us.

Then we went to Abbott Brothers’ band rehearsal and small gift exchange. That’s always fun. We actually had fun singing Christmas songs. I like Silver Bells, White Christmas and Feliz Navidad the best. At least that’s how I feel about it this year. On the radio I’m enjoying Dean Martin this year, and The Carpenters… Karen had such a wonderful voice, it’s a shame she died so young. They were sort of uncool there, but honestly their work is so well crafted and musical, I’m OK with admitting I like smooth, vanilla pudding sounds at times.

Then home and more work. I’m doing the finishing touches on my Button/Roll-brim hat pattern. I need one tester, anyone out there interested? It’s not a hard pattern at all but I need someone to really truly read every word in my pattern and take all instructions literally. And tell me when I don’t make sense or when I’ve screwed up.

Payment is enough yarn to knit the thing (and in this case a button to go with that yarn), and the pattern when it’s completed, and one other LynnH pattern of your choice. You start out by knitting the pattern in whatever yarn you have in stash that will make the gauge (5.5st/in for this pattern). I send payment when I get an email from you telling me what I need to change, and a photo attached showing me the item and how it fits.

I know it’s holiday time which makes it hard for most folks to jump in. However, I will have some new yarn colors out soon… this might be a way to earn some LynnH yarn if it’s hard on the budget otherwise. I really need an interactive knitter, someone who is picky with me on what I’ve said, how I’ve laid it out on the page, and how it fits. Anyone? I can knit one in a day or two. Here’s a pic of one of my attempts at a prototype for this hat.