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Archive for January 1st, 2006

All Best Wishes for All of You

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

May you all have the best of all years. May health, wealth, and happiness be yours and that of all those you love.

Hoppin' JohnDon’t forget, eating blackeyed peas on New Year’s day is good luck. If you missed it on the first, try it on the 2nd. It’s tasty food, even if the luck thing is just a dream…

Two years ago I posted a recipe for Hoppin’ John, a traditional southern (USA) dish combining blackeyed peas and rice. My version is vegetarian… traditionally it has some salty pork ingredient for flavoring. However, a bit of olive oil and some soy sauce substitute nicely for salt pork or bacon.

The picture I took today. This time, I added chopped collard greens to my normal mixture of vegetables. I also used a lot more beans in proportion to the rice (increasing the protein content). It was wonderful!

You guys seem to love recipes. I hope you enjoy this one.

I’m being rather lazy this day off, napping on the couch and drinking good tea. We did go for a walk, but I’ve barely knit a stitch today. I’m considering a return to the knitting machine yet before bedtime. We’ll see what I feel like doing, and I’ll report back.