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Archive for January 3rd, 2006

New Year’s Eve: Dancing in Lansing

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

New Year's EveI promised pictures and here they are!

On New Year’s Eve, we went to the Central United Methodist church in downtown Lansing, literally across the street from the State Capitol building. It’s a gorgeous old brick and stone building (I’m guessing early 1920’s or even earlier) with wonderful wood trim indoors, and a wonderful old wood dance floor. There is a stage at the end of the room, with a red velvet curtain. There is a balcony surrounding the dance floor upstairs. A very special place, for any day. Best of all, for New Year’s Eve, I’d say.

New Year's EveThe night included three Contra Dance Bands, and one Scandinavian dance band as well. We are rich in this town, rich with talent and opportunity for live music. Imagine, the dance cost merely $15 for this richness of music and surroundings! And that doesn’t even count the social fun and artful food of the potluck before the dance, and all the desserts and snacks enjoyed between bands.

New Year's EveI don’t go to these dances much, although Brian performs at many throughout the year. They tend to be on Saturday nights, when I just want to be alone and quiet. I’m glad I went this time, though. My friends Ulyana and Sharon P were there, as expected. Also Irene B who sometimes reads here, and several other friends I see less often.

New Year's EveThere were a good number of knitters there, but most of us did not find time to knit much! It’s such a social, active environment I knit just a tiny bit on my Bloom Shawl.

New Year's EveI danced with Sharon P’s sweetie, whose name is also Lynn. I met him years ago at his first Contra Dance. I really enjoyed dancing with him, that was a treat. Also, Brian and I danced two contra dances and two waltzes. We almost never get to dance together, because even if I attend, he’s in the band. Sometimes he’ll sneak out of the band for the closing waltz and dance with me (the band doesn’t mind), but we’ve only contra danced together maybe one or two times before. It was fun!

New Year's EveOne lovely surprise was that Abby was wearing some really pretty socks. I looked closer and they were clearly handknit. I asked about them, and she said that Sharon P had knit them. I looked further. Darned if they weren’t knit from yarn I had dyed myself! How cool is that? They were so pretty, and she felt they were special enough to wear on the town for New Year’s Eve. They definitely were.

The food was incredible. As usual, my beloved Ulyana brought food she knew I could eat. It was that great Indian dal soup she’d made me about a week ago. I ate two bowls, it was so good! Brian and I brought blackeyed pea salad (he actually made it, not me). There was much artful food, but one of the prettiest plates was the cheesecake Ulyana brought, embellished with orange slices and fresh raspberries. True art.

Photos: 1) Scandinavian dance band in center of dance floor. Edna at far left is playing her Heftone Bass but it’s hard to see. 2) Dancers, including Abby in long green dress with handknit socks. 3) Close up of Abby’s lovely socks, by Sharon P. 4) The best photo of the night (photographing dancers is a losing proposition most of the time), Julie and unknown partner, doing what is called a Swing. How beautiful is that shot? 5) Crowd in motion, the band on the stage is Brian’s band, Scarlet Runner String Band. 6) Ulyana’s artful cheesecake.