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Archive for January 6th, 2006

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

Friday, January 6th, 2006

First things first: We saw the sun several times today! Once it even lasted longer than a minute. Maybe even five minutes! It was still mostly cloudy, but the sun shone through my window and the cut crystals in my window, and made rainbows on the walls in my office.

For those who are puzzled by the title of this entry… it is a bit of the lyrics to a cheerful song. (I can only sing a few more words than this phrase before I can’t remember any more, but I love the optimism here.) I think I heard it on the radio in the late 60’s or early 70’s. I didn’t actually have lollipops today but I had the other two!

Yasmina Amal and I danced at Aladdins, and had a wonderful time. Tomorrow we’ll be dancing again, with one more dancer, at the Grand Rapids Museum of Art. They have a program (for families, I think) on Saturdays where they explore different countries, and this weekend it will be Morocco. You may need to register ahead of time, I’m not sure… Our performance is at 10:45am. This means waking up very early for me, but it will be a fun day.

A Special Visitor
I didn’t knit a single stitch today and I’m writing this at 10:20pm. I haven’t had a non-knitting day in what seems like months, but I may still pick up something before the day ends.

Yasmina AmalWhy didn’t I knit? The cool news is that our friend John who we met at Midwest Ukefest in Indianapolis, came into town today. He hung out with Brian and they played music together a few times. I guess I could have joined them but I needed to work today since I will not be working tomorrow, which is normally a workday for me.

John did a lot on his short day in Lansing. Brian met him for brunch at Pablo’s, then they played music with a friend of Brian’s, then they came back to our house for a while and played more. John stayed long enough to have dinner at Aladdins and see the first show. It was cool to have him there. I’m glad he spent the day with us, even though I saw him only part of it.

soxNow What?
So tomorrow I’ll have almost two hours in the car, with Yasmina Amal driving. Knitting time! I need to sit and take a good look at my projects and decide what is best to do.

If I can get to a place which needs not much thinking, I’ll go back to working on the sample sock for Rae’s shop… the night class that starts in March, toe up with replaceable/afterthought heel. With a new way of starting the toe that doesn’t require wrapping or picking up stitches. Maybe someone else has done it before but I’ve not seen it, and so my own little mind thinks I’ve got a new toe going… More research is necessary on that opinion, but it works great no matter if it’s new or re-discovered.

soxThere is a lot of talk on the Socknitter email list right now about afterthought heels. I find it amusing… it seems that in previous years these would come up for discussion and people would decide that they were not “their thing” without trying them. Now this year they are the coolest thing since sliced bread. I’m not in charge, you know?

The first knitting class I ever taught was an afterthought heel class. I had something like 5-6 students in that class, but since then I’ve been hard pressed to find any interest in this at all.

Last summer I offered an Afterthought Heel class at Michigan Fiber Festival. The class had to be cancelled for lack of enrollment. Now blogland is just brimming with enthusiasts. I guess I was ahead of the curve this time, or something. I need to pull out my heel class handout and renovate it into a real pattern for this new class. With all the chatter out there, I think we’re ripe for something like a spelled-out pattern with a whole lot of photos. March. That’s the ticket.

Photos: 1) Me as Eudora tonight at Aladdins. Thanks to Donna/Maya for once more being my photographer. 2) Yasmina Amal doing a cane dance tonight, photo also by Maya. 3) My favorite afterthought heels I’ve ever knit (and I’ve made many)… for Brian, from Meilenweit that was a gift from the Boyz at Threadbear when they were still in Indiana. 4) Afterthought heel socks for which I did not use waste yarn to save a place for the heel. I actually snipped the yarn I’d knit and opened up a hole, the Elizabeth Zimmerman way. No wonder people think they won’t like this method… snipping knitting is scary… but that’s not how most people do it and I have only done that two times out of many. The “placeholder” waste yarn is wonderful and stress-free for most knitters (this is how I teach it, I vote for stress-free).

I’m Dancing Tonight.

Friday, January 6th, 2006

EudoraI’ll be transforming myself into my dance persona, Eudora, tonight. I’ll be at New Aladdin’s restaurant in Frandor (next to Sparty’s, not that far from the Video store), with Yasmina Amal. She’s my teacher and the director of Habibi Dancers… a real class act!

EudoraPlease consider joining us if you’re in Lansing and get this note in time. Shows are at 6:30 and 8:00pm for about 20-30 minutes. No cover.

The food is incredibly good. If you are not adventurous, they have a wonderful chicken soup and great desserts including baklava and rice pudding.

I’d love to see you there. Do let me know if you heard it here.

Photos: Me as Eudora dancing at Aladdin’s last May. Yasmina Amal on stage in Minnesota last year.