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Archive for January 8th, 2006

CityKidz Rock!

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

hatI’ll be gone from the computer most of Sunday, so allow me to recap my week with CityKidz Knit! program.

We started a new term. I got two new kids, one who brought her Grandmother along. I also had two kids, a brother/sister team, come back after being gone since last spring/end of school year. I was very happy to see them come back!

The new kids are doing just fine. The older of the two took to things very well and got going on her own in no time. She had 2/3 of a wristband finished in an hour. That is good for most of the kids her age, even better for a first day.

The younger one is 7, which is a little young for it to come naturally. That age does not yet know cursive writing which develops small-motor skills. Those who really want to do well, can do it, but it takes a lot of concentration at first. I was very happy for this child that she had Grandma there. Grandma is a knitter but did not know how to teach the child. They did very well together once I got them going. It was sweet to see them work together.

And then, I had my regular kids, the ones I’ve known a while now. I love my kids, you know that, right? They are such amazing people! They do things I wouldn’t think to show them, and I’m glad they didn’t ask or I might be somehow discouraging at the wrong time. Fabulous people, they are.

intarsia sampleThe first photo is a girl who came last year, took a vacation from the program, and returned maybe a month or so ago. She didn’t stop knitting, but she stopped coming to class. She doesn’t need me for much (she’s the one who did the lace bookmark in an earlier post). But she and her grownups seem to feel she gets inspired by coming to class. I’m selfishly happy that she is back.

Look at her hat! She made it up all by herself. I loved hearing her tell the other older student in class how she’d figured out how to make it. They were talking as two knitters do, they didn’t have to explain every little thing because they had a language in common. It was wonderful.

The second photo is ***Intarsia***. You know, that thing where you can make blocks of color, maybe images like a heart or diamond or argyle? That takes sometimes several balls or butterflies of yarn in one row? Well, one of my CityKidz wants to do a tank top with perhaps a heart or some other motif on it. So she asked me how to do intarsia.

It’s sort of funny… I’ve done a *lot* of stranded colorwork knitting in the round. I’ve listened to people discuss Intarsia. I had never tried it before. But I’d listened well, I guess, because I got this young lady going just fine and lookie what she made! Her first sample intarsia. Probably it will be a mug rug, maybe not. In any case, it was her learning piece. For something that many adults never try. Go, Grrrl!!!