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Archive for January 9th, 2006

I Live a Charmed Life Sometimes

Monday, January 9th, 2006

You could not have had a better day than I had on Sunday. The sun shone, for starters!

I got to class at Threadbear and had an extra student who had just called in, joining us at the very last minute. Two of my three students were familiar, repeat friends (Jamie and Esther), and the other (Robin) drove several hours from Wyandotte to attend.

Class went well. Even the newest knitter took to the First-Time Toe-Up Sock project well and everyone was well on their way before we left for the day. During class several friends and students from previous classes went by, some stopping for a hug. I identified the owners of four ColorJoy Stoles, one Basketweave Rug and one Watercolor Bag while I was there! (Jamie, Esther, Marti, Emily and Petra, some of whom have knit multiple items.)

After class I bought some yarn (more Bingo for fat yarn socks, this time in eggplant/dark purple) and sat down to knit with my friends. But of course I got going on my Bloom Shawl in Multicolor brushed mohair, as it is much more fun to knit. It’s delightful to watch the subtle color changes as I work! I did great on the shawl while I was there talking with the gang. Here I got a photo of our friend Rob proving that he really can knit without looking. The “hat,” by the way, is a Market Squares bag knit by Judith.

While knitting away I got a (rare) cell phone call and it was my beloved brother, Eric. He said yes, he could meet for dinner. I was SO delighted! He lives over an hour away and we just don’t see each other enough. We frequently schedule meetings which then get re-scheduled, and it may have been a few months since we’d had time in person together. I instantly got in the car and headed to Ann Arbor.

We tried to meet at the Syrian Deli (Exotic Bakery on Plymouth Rd.) but they were closed so we went to Zingerman’s deli instead. The food is very good at Zingermans (although they don’t have my favorite eggplant dish in the whole world) and the service is incredible. And the tea! They have a huge selection of excellent teas. Eric and I got a pot of Oolong tea to share between us. It was wonderful.

We talked and talked till he had to go home and sleep for work. Then I got a cup of tea to go, a different sort, and drove home. I was so happy! I just felt elated the whole way home from such an incredible day.

It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been feeling partly under the weather and now I feel fully energetic again… and then the holidays are over affording private time occasionally, and the sun shine finally, and the great class… and my brother. If I were Pablo Neruda, I’d write an “Ode to My Brother.” (Click link to see the closest thing to an Ode I’ve written thus far.) He’s as good as people can get, and I am lucky to have him in my life.

The only thing that happened even a little disappointingly (is that a word?) today was my knitting. I knit on the Bloom Shawl when talking to Eric at Zingerman’s. Well, I was paying more attention to Eric than the shawl (which is as it should be) and in one row I knit into the stitch below twice. And then knit two more sections after that. Well, I got home and frogged it back. Often I can figure out how to fix things but it just seemed as easy to rip this time, especially since the knitting is fast and pleasant to do. I ripped out two sections and now I’ve re-knit one of those.

Here’s a photo of the shawl after the frogging event. Seven pie-shaped sections of multicolor mohair. It’s odd, but this photo looks like it is knit in stockinette. It’s really garter stitch in short rows, for those who know what that means. Much more texture than is shown in this photo, in any case. I totally adore the color changes, can you see that it’s predominantly a pale turquoise/aqua with bits of greener and bluer and even slightly purplish areas? It’s lovely, and subtle, and very very ColorJoy!