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Archive for January 12th, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

Thursday, January 12th, 2006

I did it. I had a good day.

The sun shone almost all day. I was actually able to take photos of my new yarns with natural light, which was a real gift.

Then Altu and I had a leisurely lunch together. She is such a good friend! We laugh and we plan and we talk about deep things and chatty light talk as well. And then we laugh again. I value her company very much.

citykidzAfter lunch, I knit with kids (at Foster Center) and a few of their family members. One girl (new last week) finished her first wristband, with the able assistance of her grandmother. (See photo.)

This has been a great year for family groups and knitting… I am loving it. Today there were: a mom and daughter team, a child with aunt and grandmother, a brother/sister team, and the child/grandmother here in the photo. Yesterday there were three families with at least 2 members. What a gift it is to the children, to have special time with a special adult, and an activity to share as well! I don’t expect this, but I love when it happens.

During midday it was about 45 degrees F (7.2C) and we opened the windows in my room. Some of the kids went out to play on the playground equipment, and I heartily encouraged that plan. This can be the worst time of year, that after-holidays couple of months where things stay gray and sunless and often very cold. It pretended to be spring today and I, for one, enjoyed driving with my windows down!!! The sun set and it got cold again, but I feel rejuvenated from a single springlike day, and I’m grateful.

After CityKidz Knit! program, I went to Rae’s and taught three wonderful women who have taken many classes from me over the last year. This time they each are working on their own project they chose themselves. We’ve got a felted bag, a seed-stitch bag and a stole. Rae sat with us for part of the time, too. She was wearing a sweater she finished last night, in Elsabeth Lavold Silky Wool yarn (a few select cables, mostly stockinette, very elegant).

We had a fun conversation about Moebius strips as a mathematical theory, and Cat Bordhi’s two Magical Knitting books. Rae has knit several of these items, I’m fascinated by the concept but so far haven’t been drawn into an actual project.

Then I had my phone conference with my friends, one from either coast (Atlantic, Pacific). And now I’m alone at home in the lovely peace and quiet. I could put my music on again but I’m enjoying just silence (and the fan on the computer) right now.

It was a good day. Whew! Just what this grrrl ordered.

Turning Over a New Leaf/New Day

Thursday, January 12th, 2006

Yesterday I had a rough day keeping positive. I am assuming a lot of that has to do with the low-sun situation we’ve had since mid-December. It seems we all (here in mid-Michigan) are having a time staying positive these days.

Today the sun shines. there still is a slight haze up there in the sky so it doesn’t exactly look blue, but there are shadows in my office and I am very grateful.

I’m going to start this new day right. I had Twinings English Breakfast tea and Mochi for breakfast, a favorite treat. I’m going to play Mahotella Queens very loud as I get dressed. I am going to look in my closet for the most cheerful, bright clothing I can possibly find to wear today.

I will run an errand as cheerfully as I can. I will go get an allergy shot and enjoy the 20 minute wait by knitting something I love knitting. I will go see Altu and she will give me food from her restaurant that is healthy and healing, and we will enjoy one another’s company.

I will teach children to knit one more time, and enjoy their company. I will have 3 luxurious hours with the children and I will notice that luxury.

Then I will go to Rae’s and teach my wonderful repeat students, the ones who continue to take classes I teach almost without regard to what the subject matter might be. I will be in the moment and I will have a good time. I will show Rae the fun new yarns I dyed, because she also dyes and will understand my joy.

Then I’ll go home and have a conference call between a friend in California and a friend in Maine and spend an hour working together toward a single goal. Then I will make another good cup of tea and spend time with my wonderful husband.

May you also have a good day. Enjoy that sunshine if you have some!