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Archive for January 14th, 2006

A Fresh, New Day

Saturday, January 14th, 2006

Fountain in Mombasa, Kenya Today is a new day. I feel like myself again, thank goodness. The sun is even shining! I skipped the Spinners Flock meeting (it is a one-hour drive one way and would have meant worrying about getting home in time for my afternoon class).

Instead, I slept in, had good tea and a special breakfast, and now am listening to more James Taylor while sitting in a mostly-sunny window. I’m even considering a walk while the sun is here. The weather man did not really predict sun today, we don’t see much sun on the weather report… partly cloudy Sunday and mostly cloudy Wednesday, the rest looks bleak. So a walk would be a great idea.

I’m looking forward to my Wristwarmer “Instant Gift” class this afternoon at Little Red Schoolhouse. It’s a fun project and that class is always a hit.

And then on to Altu’s! I’m very happy because a gift I ordered for her a while ago, came in yesterday. I will do my best to get over there and pick it up so I can give it to her tonight. I’m also excited to wear my “new” sequin dress (found in Charlotte after visiting Yarn Garden… yes, at the Goodwill shop there, in almost unworn condition…hand sewn silk with sequins, amazing quality). It’s not so cold that I’ll freeze wearing short sleeves. Pretty! Altu gave me a beautiful rasperry wrap for my birthday that I can wear over it if I get chilly in the corner by the window while we sing.

Fabulous Heftones by Regina FryI haven’t played my bass since last Sunday. You see, I slammed my left hand in the car door Monday night on the way to Little Red Schoolhouse, and it bruised the joints on my middle finger. (I used my left hand to pull the door shut, and then went to reach my seat belt but aimed wrong.)

No broken skin or broken bones… doesn’t really even hurt unless I touch it forcefully, though for a few days it didn’t want to bend quickly. Knitting has been no hassle, but typing was slow for a few days. It’s still a tiny bit swollen if you look carefully.

I’ll take some ibuprofen and sit with some ice before getting out my instrument at dinnertime. Thank goodness that even though 4 fingers were in there, only one was hurt… and since I was inside the car, there was much less damage than if I’d been out. Count blessings as you can find them, I’d say. Nothing nearly as bad as caffeine withdrawal! Dang, I’m a basket case sometimes, you know??? Drama Queen at your service! I have to laugh at myself. It’s all minor, minor stuff… but as you know, “…I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do…”

Tonight is Altu’s and the Fabulous Heftones. No complaints allowed. It will be a good day!!!

Photos: 1) Memory of a very sunny weekend, in Mombasa Kenya (very near the equator), mid-December, 2004. Fountain/garden at our resort near the beach on the Indian Ocean. 2) The Fabulous Heftones at Altu’s, photo by Regina Fry.

Susan Hensel: Desire

Saturday, January 14th, 2006

My friend Susan Hensel (in Minnesota) writes of her current show:

The Star Tribune reviewed my show this week. I am
very pleased that they covered it, and reasonably
accurately…although the writer aged me a couple of

You can read it at:


Saturday, January 14th, 2006

Athena Dreams had a post about GREEN on December 12, and I just discovered it. Beautiful pictures and quotations from many places…

Here’s part of one of the quotes she has collected… very true, but not often put into words:

A primary of light but not of pigments, green is also a psychological primary in that it is seen as a basic hue, along with red, yellow and blue.

Lovely post, perhaps you’d like to go and read it yourself.