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Archive for January 15th, 2006

Almost Too Busy to Sleep

Sunday, January 15th, 2006

sunshine in LansingYou know… people ask me all the time how I get so much done. I tell you, I wonder what they are talking about. I have so much to do that stays on the to-do list about forever, that I feel today as though I get nothing done at all.

(By the way, my stock answer is that I have no children, no pets, no houseplants, and a husband who was a bachelor until he was 36 yrs old, so I have nearly no maintenance in my life. I cook as little as I can, buying from healthy restaurants whenever possible. And cleaning? Well, the house stays messy most of the time. I’d rather knit/work and usually it doesn’t bother me enough to stop knitting to fix the mess.

I always am amazed that mothers get anything done besides dealing with their children’s needs. That is a seriously time-consuming job, one that many women do on top of other (paying) work. But me? I’m a self-employed artist who finds her work to be as fascinating as other possible activities, and who works far into the wee hours far too often. But I digress…)

Yesterday/Saturday I did sleep in a bit (and wrote in my blog in the morning). I totally enjoyed bits of sunshine coming through the window while waking up slowly. I even went on a short walk outside (brrrr!) while the sun was peeking in and out of the clouds, just before work. On the way to work, I took a photo a few blocks from home by holding my camera out the car window (while at a complete stop), to show you the lovely sky we had for about a day.

Sarah's WristwarmerI had a wonderful Wristwarmer class at Little Red Schoolhouse (LRSH). My students were Natalie (who I met last Monday at the LRSH knit-in) and Sarah, a new knitter just for the last few weeks.

I was happy that my Wristwarmer pattern has two styles in one package, one garter stitch/knit flat version and one rib/knit in the round version. Although Sarah had practiced a bit making a tube on double pointed needles before class, she chose the garter stitch option. She finished one wristwarmer (in bulky yarn) in our two-hour class.

Nanette's WristwarmerNatalie chose the tube/rib version, learned to cast on in rib, knit the top part of the wristwarmer and the part which creates the thumb opening, then closed up the opening and kept on going before she had to go home. (See photos of both projects.)

After the class, I ran home to transform myself into “Lynn Heftone” the singer, and go to Altus to perform with Brian as The Fabulous Heftones. We had an amazing time this week at Altu’s. Friends we knew before we were a musical act showed up (Regina, Cynthia, Doug, Bonnie, Hanno, and Mary). And then several folks came who we’ve met just because of our music (Rod, Mark, Charlie and Rod’s friend whose name we did not learn). Also a really great couple with a toddler, who come to Altu’s often and whose son really loves to watch Brian sing and play, were there for the show.

The place was packed in a most lively way until we took our break, and most of our fans/friends stayed on for the second act to finish the evening with us. If my Mom had been there, it would have been perfect. As it was, it was darned close!

Mystic Shake and Brian HefferanThanks to everyone who came, it was an incredible experience playing for you. In fact, we had such fun I didn’t think once about asking someone to take photos. Trust me on this one… grand old time.

But… you think that’s the end of my day? Nope. We went over to Lake Lansing Cappucino Cafe to see our friends in Mystic Shake play. They had a packed house as well. We shook cans (rhythm instruments the band brings for audience members to play) and I danced, and Brian even sat in on one of their numbers (he sometimes plays with the band as a fill-in so it was easy for him to step in). The lighting was a challenge, but if you squint at the photo you will see Dick J., Ben, Dick R., Brian and Pat.

I got home and tried to knit a little more (my final holiday gift, a pair of bulky alpaca wristwarmers). But I was SO chilly that I sat on the heat vent. And promptly fell asleep on the floor. Until 6:30am, that is. I think I was a little tired??? Dang! Yes, I worked on Saturday, two different jobs (teaching knitting and singing). Yes, I had a little entertainment after work (which included some high-caffeine tea that apparently had no effect). I really tried to keep working. I conked right out!

It was a good thing I did not need to work until noon on Sunday, huh? Because that day was equally packed… more on that tomorrow.