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Archive for January 16th, 2006

Sunday Good Times

Monday, January 16th, 2006

Wowie, the busy-ness continues. It’s good busy stuff, though, and I am not complaining.

Sunday was the second of three sessions for my First-Time Toe-Up sock class at Threadbear. We learned about the heel for this sock, including heel flap, heel turn and gussets. Woohoo! For a socknitting fanatic, this was great fun. Robin said goodbye, as she won’t be at next week’s session. I was sad to see her go. She drove an hour and a half two times, to get to my class. I am appreciative of this dedication. I hope I’ll see her again.

Brian Hefferan on Uke taken by Barb SI also met two knitters from Toledo… Robyn and her friend whose name escapes me… drat. I need to write down names more often. There are so many cool people in my life, and some weeks I meet dozens of new people. I try to remember names. I’m sorry… I can see your face in my mind but the name has slipped away…

Anyway, Robyn was wearing a sweater in Colinette Tagliatelli ribbon yarn, in the color Neptune. The same yarn I have two skeins of. The same colorway in which I also have a bunch of brushed mohair, thanks to my friend Sharon P. Robyn got me inspired again. The tape looks good in a huge cable. I loved her sweater but it did have raglan sleeves which don’t flatter me. I might make something up with a big cable, though, perhaps using both the mohair and the tape. Hmmm… ideas to ponder during wintertime…

Sunday night (after class) was the Elderly Instruments holiday party. They have their party after the crazy times of a retail business are done. I’d like to think that this meant that my holidays were over, but I have three knit gifts yet to complete and gift before I’m really done. This is unusual for me, but that is how it went this year.

The party was at the Temple Club in a private room on the main level. Each year, musicians who work for the music store take turns entertaining the crowd. The first band was amazing, a Klezmer-based group with saxophone, accordion, bass and drum. I could have listened/danced to them forever. Then we followed that band. Except just before we started, a punk band started playing in the public space above us. We’re talking 8pm on a Sunday, folks. This bar often doesn’t start shows until around 10pm.

So here we were, a sweet acoustic duo, trying to hear ourselves so that we could perform. I could not tell if my bass was feeding back into its microphone or if that sound was just the band above me! It was a real test of our professionalism. We just “hugged” the vocal microphone and sang mostly songs where we both sing at the same time in harmony, so that the crowd could hear us. I was told later that people could indeed hear our voices but not our instruments for the most part. Our sound team did their best but it was an impossible task. We cut the set short, as it was not really working well. I’m glad we had a two hour set the night before that went so well. I did not feel upset by cutting it short, other than I did want to share our music with Brian’s work colleagues. This is show biz, though, and it’s OK.

After us, there were some other great bands who are a bit louder, and they held their own against the competition. It was great to see our friends/Brian’s co-workers perform. What talent there is in my town!

In knitting news, I finished a sample sock for Rae’s shop. It’s for a brand new class. I have taught afterthought-heel classes for years. The way I have offered it before, was a short session on just how to make the heel.

sock designed by LynnHNow I have designed a specific sock which is toe up and afterthought heels, without a single purl stitch.

It has a brand new toe (to me, anyway, it felt as though I made it up and I haven’t seen it in anyone else’s pattern so far) which creates a 4-part swirl, and the heel matches also in 4 parts. It looks similar to the toe in my Turkish Toe-Up Sock but is easier to knit. Gotta love that! This would be a great first sock class, or a good class for a veteran socknitter looking for a change of pace.

I used a worsted-weight alpaca yarn by Grignasco and at least one person thought that this was handspun yarn (all the glamour, none of the work). It’s soft, and cushy, and thick, and colorful… really beautiful yarn. The sock can be made in any yarn, knit to fit, no matter the gauge, but I will be making more in this wonderful stuff! I’d intended to make one sock only, for the shop. Now I think maybe I’ll be making three, so I can wear the lovelies.

The class will be on Thursday nights at Rae’s Yarn Boutique, starting February 23, for three consecutive weeks, from 6:45 to 8pm. Cost is $25 and that includes my pattern. Pick yarn the first night, and bring all the Double-Pointed Needles (DPNs) you have… or bring yarn you think will work and needles 2-3 sizes smaller than the ball band suggests. Pattern uses 5 DPNs but you can use 4 if that is more comfortable.

Oh, and I have another class I added recently. I’ll be teaching the Bloom Shawl (Knitty.com pattern by my friend Trish Bloom, I’m teaching it with her permission) at Threadbear on Saturday, April 1. It’s at 1pm till 3:30. Cost, $20. The project calls for size 15 needles (either straight or circular will work), and an optional H crochet hook.

The shop has many lovely choices of yarn for this project, including the Multicolor brushed mohair I’m using for the shop sample that is currently on my needles. This is also a no-purl project, perfect for those who want a simple project or those looking to go beyond the simple scarf without a lot of stress. And it is SO wearable! I love wearing the one I made first. It never falls off your shoulders, and no matter how you wrap it, it looks good.

Darn it all! I started knitting that shawl for me and here I go again, letting go of my knitting. The trials of a professional knitting teacher… it could be much worse.

I took a photo of the class at Threadbear, and a bunch of nice photos at the Temple Club. And darned if I can find my camera ANYWHERE. I don’t remember when I saw the camera last, so I’ll have to dig around for it, and I’ll call the woman at Brian’s work who would have been in charge of the cleanup from the party. I will have to go look in Brian’s car as well, because we used his car to attend the event. Drat. A journalist without a camera is a sad grrrl, but I won’t worry yet. I just can’t show you anything from the events Sunday.

Luckily, I do have a photo of the incredible, amazing no-purl replaceable-heel, toe-up sock. I also have a great photo of Brian when he was sitting in with Mystic Shake on Saturday night. The photo was taken by Barb S., Ben’s wife (who is a really cool person and great cook as well as a good photographer).