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Archive for January 18th, 2006

Two New Patterns & Bunches O’Yarn SOON

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

PyramidsI’m just plain overwhelmed with all I need to do. I’m waaay behind on the yarn biz (which is what I do when the teaching biz is slow, and now it is picking up).

It seems that yesterday was “do it again day.” I edited my photos of the new yarns, and then the computer crashed and I lost all the edits. I haven’t had time to re-color-correct them again. When I do word processing, I save my document often, but with a photo you can lose quality if you save too many times… so I waited, and I lost a lot of time. Boo hoo.

A few days ago I opened my email program and all the half-written drafts I’d started (to remind me who I needed to still correspond with) all disappeared. I watched all the windows close, right before my eyes. I hit some keystroke I didn’t mean to hit, and all my reminders went away…

I had three incredible testers for my roll-brim button hat pattern over the holidays, and I haven’t written them back now that my yarns (their payment) are ready for them to choose. Ladies, I’ll be with you as soon as the photos are right. Probably tonight or tomorrow, OK?

Also, Jessie K. tested my Cushy Blankie pattern for me, and brought me the finished result last night at guild meeting. My friends, it’s a lovely thing, this blankie. I had much good feedback on it (she knit it in my Cushy ColorSport yarn) at guild, and I’m in the final stages of finishing up that pattern for sale, as well.

SO: this is to say I will soon have 2 new patterns, and some beautiful yarns that are now photographed and labeled for sale. My testers get first dibs and then I’ll put up the yarns as soon as I can get a free minute. I’m really busy on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so I’m thinking it will be Friday or Saturday now. We’re nearly there, thanks for waiting.

I will be offering four colorways of my new fingering-weight sockyarn in wool/nylon this time (I have more of this yarn still white, ready to dye, when I get more time for the studio, but it may be a while). Last night, Tamsyn won a skein of the sockyarn at guild (I always donate a kit for a door prize every month I’m there) and if her response is an indication, this yarn will be a hit. I like it, and I lucked out with one skein that is short a few yards so I get to keep it just for me! I’ll get to test it out myself, woohoo!

OK, off to teach and dance and all the things I do on Wednesdays. I’ll edit images of the hat and blankie as soon as I can. Catch ya soon!

As usual, when I have no photo that pertains to the subject, I give you my Africa Trip. Here you see the great pyramid (there are over 90 pyramids in Egypt), with a Japanese Tourist having her picture taken, by the handler (probably owner) of her camel. For the record, Egypt is indeed in north Africa (it considers itself both Middle-Eastern and African from what I could understand of the English-Speaking radio I heard there). I didn’t know this until I was an adult (perhaps because of my poor exposure to geography in school), and I figure others are in the same boat. I took this photo on December 23 or 24, 2004.

Chelle got a Blog!

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

Chelle has been writing to me for a good while now. She’s one of those amazing souls who keeps coming back, and actually takes the time to send me an email (because my comments are disabled thanks to spam).

Well, she wrote this morning to say that she has a blog, Hanging by a Thin Thread. Go say hello, if you would! Tell her I sent you, if you’d be so kind.