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Archive for January 20th, 2006

Howlin’ Hobbit Writes

Friday, January 20th, 2006

I met Howlin’ Hobbit online. He’s a ukulele player in Seattle. He takes the time to write me regularly, which is always a delight. (I’m always surprised when non-knitters are readers… that is, other than my family and local friends. Happily surprised, that is.)

So guess who wrote today? Hobbit! Here’s what he says:

Hiya Lynn!

I found this yesterday and thought you might be interested (pass it on to your readers, maybe?)

Knitting Olympics


If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s Stephanie Pearl-McPhee/Yarn Harlot’s Olympic Knitting Challenge. Basically you choose a challenging knitting project, start it after the olympic torch is lit and finish it before the flame goes out. It gives us a focus in which we can do something more special than our regular knitting pace. A great idea, really.

I know that Sarah Peasley/Handknitter is in the process of figuring out what she will knit. I must say I am not going to participate. I am already desperately behind on my work projects and I don’t need a two week project to distract me from that. It would be fun to finish something in the “potential projects” box but I just don’t see how that is going to make me feel better when it’s done.

However, those who are interested in being pushed just a little, or those who have been hoarding that special kit or project for the “perfect time” may just have found the perfect excuse to pull it out.

Go for the gold, friends! I can’t wait to see what people choose.

People Write

Friday, January 20th, 2006

LynnHKristi/Red Dog Knits writes that we both were at knitting guild Tuesday but she didn’t have a chance to say hi. I’m not surprised… with my new dyed yarns with me and the Cushy Blankie sample… plus people donating bags for my kids’ knitting programs, I was at the center of a small crowd after meeting got out.

It’s so funny, I love people but I am not fond of crowds. My favorite kind of event with a friend is one-on-one going to tea. And knitting, of course. And I also am happy teaching or being a student in a class, where there is basically one focus for all folks there.

Yet I’m a joiner, I love groups like the knit guild. I do well when there is structured time such as a program or show and tell… but get very distracted when it is free time. I tend to get louder and more animated, and I think people interpret that as comfort but it’s just my attempt to focus in the midst of minor (or major) chaos.

Just the same, I love seeing my friends at guild. I suffer from not saying hi to everyone I know… I wish I could but it’s just impossible. For example, I said a brief hello to Sarah Peasley/Handknitter, and stood next to Rae/Extravayarnza while being distracted by too much to really talk… yet I never got close enough to Sharon P/Knitknacks to say hi (as well as a bunch of other folks I really like a lot and see too little).

Missing those friendly connections makes me feel bad when it’s all over. Drat. How do you other folks deal with that? Avoid groups? Shrug it off as impossible? Focus on a few and give up the idea of greeting everyone? Maybe others just don’t worry like I do.

But this post is here to say hi to Kristi. Thanks for the email, grrl! We’ll catch one another soon enough, I guess.

Deb L. also wrote… I’ll get back to you soon, Deb. I’m winding yarn for a special order tonight but I got your very kind note.

Image today… I gave in and played with the Yahoo Avatar Generator. I just can’t do it messy so didn’t do a background, and zoomed in, instead. I realized after the fact that this is how I present the photos of my socks as well!.

They didn’t offer clothes I’d wear in colors I like so I painted the avatar in PhotoShop. And my hair is waist length, and lighter than this by a good bit. They offered red, black, blonde and “brown” hair… one interpretation of brown, shown here. (No gray or white hair is an option… I think this “toy” is not for people of my age or up.) Hmmm. My light brown always has had more gray undertones than anything (even when I was 20-something). If I wear black earrings they just disappear in the shadow.

I suspect others are not as picky as me, or maybe I just have a more unusual style than I thought. At least they had a hat very like the one I wear each day. And the glasses are pretty close. Big earrings made me happy, too.

It’s sort of a useless way to spend time, but then so is solitaire… and at least with this, you can save it when you are done. I guess I’m not feeling deep today. Sort of doing a grown-up version of a coloring book for fun…

Altu is in the News!

Friday, January 20th, 2006

My friend Altu, of Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine, is featured in an article this week. For local folks, she is on the last inside page of City Pulse. There is a nice photo of her serving a meal to the reporter. Although a few details are not exact, the essence of the article is correct and it is an enthusiastic account of the food and restaurant.

City Pulse does not put their articles on the internet, but it’s free for local folks. I pick it up at Altu’s, or at New Aladdin’s restaurant in Frandor. I’ve seen it at the Main Post Office on Collins Road, as well.

By the way, Altu puts a coupon in City Pulse every other week. This happens to be the off-week (strange timing, I’d say), but check that out sometime. I think it is a buy 2/get one free sort of coupon, but since I don’t ever use one (I’d rather pay full price and help Altu prosper, she’s my dear friend) I could be wrong on that.

Also mentioned in the same issue is an upcoming Filipino Folk Dance Group performance, this Friday at the International Center at MSU on Friday 1/20/06 at 6pm. The photo in the paper for this event is just wonderful.