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Archive for January 21st, 2006


Saturday, January 21st, 2006

snowy sceneLast night they were predicting between 2-7 inches of snow in Lansing by morning. I did what seemed wisest, and ran as many of my Saturday errands on Friday so that I would not have to be among the morning shovelers. I don’t like mornings (I wake up more slowly than anyone else I know) and I do not tolerate cold well, so this was a good plan.

That means that Friday was fun but jam-packed. I had lunch with Shirley who won my gift certificate at the December guild meeting and who will now be knitting a sweater from Cushy ColorSport in Denim (blues and purples on silver). I also had to meet a student at Rae’s to help her with a hiccup in her knitting (actually, Rae did the magic on that repair).

Then I went to Altu’s, to show her how to use something new on her computer. I ran to see Linda at Little Red Schoolhouse to replenish her Cushy ColorSport colors (she sells kits for BarberPole Socks at her shop as well as a few loose skeins).

And then I popped by the Boyz at Threadbear, to pick up a ball of Multicolor brushed mohair so I can finish my Bloom Shawl for their shop. I can’t find my second ball of that yarn anywhere! So I had to buy more. I’m hoping I can finish that shawl today so I can leave them a sample in the shop when I go there to finish my First-Time Toe-Up sock class tomorrow/Sunday.

Rob did a good job of highlighting some of my classes coming up at their shop (the next one is “Darn that Sock!” which is Sunday the 29th, noon-3pm, for $20) in his weekly email yesterday. He also announced the new class for the Bloom Shawl, on April 1/Saturday from 1pm-3:30pm, for $20. I’m really hoping the Bloom Shawl class is a go, it’s such a satisfying knit no matter what your level of knitting experience.

So then I stayed up till 3am working on the computer and when I got up at 10:30 the sun was shining. We only got maybe 2 inches from the looks of it, with some ice underneath. Luckily it is above freezing already and with that sunshine, the ice will melt and we won’t have fallen trees from the weight of the ice, and roads can be salted and relatively safe.

snowy sceneI looked at the National Weather Service forecast for Lansing, and it shows at least partial sun for three days in a row!!! I’m here to tell you that this has not happened since at leat Mid-December. The most we’ve had is one day with sun… these days even a little peek through the clouds for a few seconds has felt luxurious. Mostly sunny feels almost like summer in these parts right now. I’m glad, for once, that I had a class cancel, so I can revel in the sun on my face.

Small pleasures are the only ones that can bring true happiness, you know. Three sunny days might be on the top end of small, but I think you know what I mean. Big Deals (like my Africa Trip) happen so rarely that we can’t keep going waiting for the next miracle/big deal. We need to recognize and seize the small, wonderful bits in front of our noses on more ordinary days. For example, precious small things for me can be the laugh of a child, a good cup of tea, an unexpected color combination I notice out of the corner of my eye.

Those small joys create my quality of life. It’s easy to be a contented person when you feed yourself tiny doses of happiness regularly.

As I type this, the sun is shining on my walls and the side of my face. I am seeing the wonderful rainbows which result from sunshine flowing through my cut crystals in the window (all gifts). I love my rainbows!

Today I will catch up on as many things as I can. The list is so long there is no way to cross everything off but I’ll do my best. At least I get to sit in the sunshine!!!!

Photos: 1) My friend April’s house viewed out my office window, three feet where I sit most of the day at my desk. (I even knit at my desk most of the time if I knit at home.) You can see that we did not get seven inches of snow last night… I think we got more rain in the beginning and that kept the snow from piling up. 2) Close-up of tree branch with ice and snow, and sun shining through the ice.