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Archive for January 25th, 2006

Two New Patterns!

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

Cushy BlankieLynnH Button HatI’m happy to announce the release of two new LynnH/ColorJoy patterns (my designs). Both are $5 USD each and neither is on my pattern web page yet… I expect to be caught up on that by Saturday night.

First I present the Cushy Blankie, test knit by Jessie K. She showed it off at the MMKG (Knitting Guild) meeting last Tuesday. (She also has a few photos of it on her blog.) This one was knit using two 1/2 lb skeins of my Cushy ColorSport Yarn (about 1050 yds of 100% wool, dense, DK-weight yarn). This yarn is machine wash/machine dry, with a great springy texture and soft, subtle halo after washing. Gorgeous.

Here is Jessie’s version of the Cushy Blankie, wrapped around the Teddy Bear I sewed for myself on my 18th birthday (11/28/76). The teddy (his name is Algernon, which means “whiskers”) is sitting in my very own childhood rocking chair. I’m really loving this photo!

Yes, the bear is green. I have answered many questions about this choice over the years. It didn’t even occur to me when I picked the fabric that the choice was unusual.

Since when was I going to pick brown? I was so lucky that there was green *and* yellow so I had a good contrast without going to neutrals. I was a teenager, folks, this was nearly 30 years ago… but even then I could not “do” brown if there was another choice.

The second new pattern is the “Button, Button, Who’s Got the Hat!” (In my childhood I played a game called Button, button, who’s got the button… does anyone else remember that one? I couldn’t resist the name for the hat with a button on top.)

For the record, this hat fits anyone from this 1-year-old child, to an adult with large head. It is sort of amazing how close a child’s size is to an adult size. I learned a lot this winter, designing hats for the first time. The height is more an issue than circumference, when dealing with stretchy knit fabric. No wonder we like knitting hats, they are almost sure to be a success.

I had a team of three testers for the hat pattern. Becky, Tracy and Sheila all added different input for me and it was a very satisfying group to work with.

Sheila wrote about the pattern:

I am really a newbie when it comes to using DPN’s, so I thought it would be best for me to use this technique since you want to put together kits for beginners. The appendix you included was very helpful. I have to say a big thank you for the tip you gave about joining and knitting from one needle to another. I have tried this many times previously and have always ended up with ladders. I would get so frustrated that I would give up. Your tip about knitting from underneath was just the advice I needed. I tried it just the way you explained and it worked like a charm. It would be worth it to me to purchase patterns from you just for this one knitting tip alone!

Sheila’s pictures show the hat on a beautiful toddler (her granddaughter, Amelia, who is 1yr old… Sheila likes to brag about her and rightfully so). Amelia’s hat doesn’t have a button yet… I’m sending her one soon. Becky also did without a button (I’m sending her one, as well). Tracy crocheted herself a button for the top of her masterpiece.

For anyone with interest in the patterns: I am still offering free shipping if you buy 2 or more patterns from me. I don’t have a shopping cart, which confuses some visitors to my site. Just send me an email to Lynn AT ColorJoy.com saying what it is you’d like to get, and I will email you specifics for payment.

LynnH Button HatFor the record, the photos of my recently-dyed yarns are taken and mostly edited. I’ll have new yarns up for sale by Saturday at latest, as well. Whew!

Photos: Cushy Blankie on bear using LynnH Cushy ColorSport yarn dyed by me, and knit by Jessie K. Corner of another Cushy Blankie also in my yarn. Button Hats knit by Sheila, by Becky, by Tracy. Thanks guys! (Tiny hat at left is my own prototype version, with a button I made to coordinate with my handpainted yarn.)