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Archive for January 26th, 2006

Blocking Bloom

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

I finished all the ends on my mohair Bloom Shawl. I soaked it in warm water in the sink, then I spun out the extra water in our “new” washing machine on the spin cycle. Wow, the new machine is quiet! Love that part at least.

So now the slightly-damp mohair Bloom is resting patiently, blocking flat. It is not pinned or anything, it’s just sort of relaxing a bit. I find that I am a very uneven knitter, with big and small stitches in the same row. A dunk in water, a spin to extract most of the moisture, stretching left-right and up-down, gentle tugs to put the item into shape, then a proper rest while drying, does wonders for how my work looks. It’s definitely worth the effort.

This shawl sure got a lot of attention at Habibi Dancers’ rehearsal tonight. It’s even more beautiful finished than it was in my mind. The way the colors work as they are wrapped around my shoulders, well, they are spectacular. It would be hard to find a better yarn for this project, I think. Light and fluffy, colorful and warm without weight. Yum!

It looks like I’ll be taking this one to Threadbear on Friday. Local knitters, keep an eye out for the prettiest new sample(!) if you stop by that shop. I’m going to miss this shawl… but folks tend to sign up for classes when they can see a project completed. April 1 is the class, so perhaps I’ll be able to wear it after then.

I will hope that someone at Threadbear will humor me and take a photo of me wearing the shawl, for you folks to see. It just is not as pretty flat on a table, as it is wrapped around shoulders. Photos soon… or that is the plan.