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Archive for January 27th, 2006

Sunshine Makes Me Sing!

Friday, January 27th, 2006

Gondar view in EthiopiaThe sun shone Thursday, a lot! It was just around freezing and I was pretty happy with the weather. It’s nice to start with good news like that!

I started the day with a mailing for Working Women Artists. I always enjoy this, because it is an excuse for me to see my friend Marlene C., who works on the newsletter with me. Actually, I keep the mailing list and she does the layout, I print on my printer, we both do a bit of the writing. It’s a good team and I love the part where we come together to stamp the printed items for mailing. It is a good way to start the day.

After that there were what felt like a million errands but then I got to have lunch with Altu. That’s another wonderful part of my week. What a friend she is. We went to the city market to visit our friend Magda today. Magda has a restaurant booth called Seif Foods at the city market.

Magda is from Alexandria, Egypt, so has some excellent mideastern food (with a twist for those of us so accustomed to Lebanese cuisine). She also specializes in foods that folks with allergies can eat (cookies for those who can not eat wheat, for example), and so I always eat like a king when we go there! And we talk and talk and talk. Aaah, the simple pleasures of life. Food, tea, company. I am a rich woman indeed.

Mid-afternoon I had CityKidz Knit! program, and following that a computer lab at Foster Center. I had 8 knitters all told today. The ability levels are varied but the enthusiasm is the same. My newest three knitters are such happy kids! Two of them bring a grandma along for the program. In fact, I had three grandmas today. How cool is that? I surely did not learn to knit from either grandmother or my mom. I’m so glad that for at least a few this can be a shared experience.

And then the day ended with a class at Rae’s Yarn Boutique. I got to show off my new Bloom Shawl all day, which was most fun with this class (where they really do understand). And after class I ran to the grocery where a young woman stopped to say how pretty the Bloom was, and did I make it myself? Whee!

Gondar view in EthiopiaAs far as my projects? I’ve been putzing around a little with the remake of the “Turkish Sock” sweater, but it’s slow going.

I also took out the finished funnel neck pieces last night to do a little sewing and it looked just too much for me. I was tired enough to make mistakes since this is something I don’t do often.

Thank goodness I have the Toe-Up sock I started in the class at Threadbear the last several weeks. The foot of the sock was done Sunday, but it needs a cuff so I’m just knitting away until I run out of yarn. I had lots of waiting in line time today so I got a few inches done on that.

Tomorrow I go to Threadbear and will beg someone to take a photo of the beloved Bloom in Multicolor mohair (so you can finally see it). I’m so glad I got to wear it for a day! I’ll get it back again soon enough…

Photo: Once more no current photos of my life. That means you get photos of Africa! These were taken of a vista in Gondar/Gonder. This is in the historical northern area of Ethiopia. There are three castles and several outbuildings here, built by kings: father, son, grandson.

The scale here is hard to fathom, the walls are TALL! That little speck (first photo) about a third in from the right side, in the general area of the corner where two walls meet… that is a person. The trees are so big it’s hard to get a sense of perspective here. And that sort of cloudy background behind the trees? A long view of mountainous territory far away. It was really beautiful. Photos taken in early December, 2004.