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Archive for February 6th, 2006

Random Check-In Notes

Monday, February 6th, 2006

Guitar HatI almost went to bed without posting. Thanks to everyone who wrote re: my funny story about yarn gone awry, wrapped around cars. It is really good to know that others laugh about the same things I think are funny!

Wowie, time flies sometimes. I had a busy Sunday followed by a jam-packed Monday. I taught Knitting at the downtown main library on Sunday. It was much different than my normal knitting classes, I met some folks I just could not have reached through yarn shops, I invited them to knitting guild and handed them papers with six local/almost-local yarn shops listed on them. I wish I’d had six hours, not two, but the library was happy and several of the students said they would come by the guild. Good enough!

After class, I popped by Threadbear for a while, then went to a Working Women Artists planning meeting, THEN picked up my helper for a few hours of yarn winding for dyeing. I thought at first I’d have a band practice after that (Abbott Brothers, our larger band) but that didn’t work out so Brian and I rehearsed in our living room instead.

So Monday was a second whirlwind day… allergist, teen knitting club (had maybe 5-7 knitters, all but 2 new to the program), tried to have lunch with Irene then tried to have lunch with Tony. Worked on my handouts instead, popped by Rae’s yarn shop to see Elise for a short while, then off to teach computers in Haslett. Both classes got to learn about the Internet Monday, it was fun. How could it be anything else? We especially enjoyed surfing to websites of one another (class members who have businesses) and friends.

Then Brian took me to dinner. I knit on a hat for him while at dinner, the one I started last night for him. It’s in extra-bulky 70% alpaca/30% acrylic, in sort of a pewter/charcoal color. Really soft and really beautiful (it matches his hair). I’m trying to work on personal knitting during personal time (as in waiting for dinner at the restaurant). When I got home I switched projects.

I am knitting samples for Heritage Spinning. They bought several of my patterns for the first time, this week. I know from experience that patterns sell when there is a sample and do not sell without one. So now I’m knitting a Guitar Herringbone Hat for Heritage. In yarns they picked. Well, the two people running the shop like warm tones and subtle colors. This means that I’m knitting a hat in colors I could not have picked… but the subtle colors will be good, as I’ll photograph them (perhaps for my pattern sale web page for that pattern).

So I cast on after dinner for the Guitar Hat. I’ve finished the ribbing and the multicolored patterned band, and tomorrow I’ll decrease the top of the hat. Why I’m faster knitting a hat in DK weight yarn at 5.5 st/in than super bulky yarn (the alpaca), I’ll never know. It must be that my hands are more used to smaller yarns.

Bedtime. Tuesday (tomorrow) I was supposed to meet an online knitter friend but I didn’t send the confirmation message I wrote her on Sunday. I can’t meet her if I don’t know when or where. I guess that meeting will have to be rescheduled. Pooh.

Um… is anyone else in turmoil about Knitting Olympics? I really need to not focus on personal knitting for 10 days, but then again I’ll be in Florida for some of that time. Which could be called vacation, right? Personal time?

I’m a mean boss to myself, I don’t allow much personal knitting time. Lunches/dinners with loved ones, yes. Knitting for Lynn? No. I really really want to knit a Sally Melville Not Your Mother’s Suit Coat. This would require a lot of swatching just to see if I could get gauge (it’s a huge 1.75st/inch). You need to combine yarns to make it work. But it seems that this is not the kind of knitting I could do easily on vacation.

I also have the shadow knitting shawl I bought yarn for late last fall. That yarn is thinner, lighter weight, smaller needles… but is it something I could knit without looking at the book all the time? I think it’s pretty clear I could not finish that many stitches in 10 days but I would be pleased to get going even halfway. But if I am not really focused on finishing, maybe I’m not following the guidelines and I should just think vacation knit, not olympic knit.

I can’t decide right now. Stay tuned. For now I think I’m not going to dive in and join. I’m a joiner, I love comaraderie, but this may not work for me.

One day at a time, as they say.

Photo: Guitar Herringbone Hats, in colors I picked out.