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Archive for February 9th, 2006

Team Michigan?

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

This Olympics thing is more fun than I imagined, and I haven’t even started swatching yet. Now that I’ve picked a project, I am eyeing the variety of teams that I could join. I’m of Norwegian ancestry and like to knit with two strands of yarn, but that’s not what I’m knitting this time… so Team Norway seems out. I live for Double Pointed Needles, they are my favorite way to knit, so team DPN would be fun, but I’m not knitting this olympic project on DPNs.

There is a team Hawai’i, right now with one member… I could surely join that because I play a little ukulele, right? OK, I don’t play Hawaiian songs but the instrument I play (for fun, not on stage) has roots in the islands. That team could use some support, anyway…

I keep going back to good old Team Wales, started by Brenda Dayne, podcaster/knitter/American living in Wales. She has started a pretty open, welcoming group, where more of the knitters are from the US than the European continent. It also is a team with at least six male knitters, according to the Frappr Map for those on the team who have placed themselves there. Yay, dudes!

Here are the rules for joining Team Wales, taken directly from Brenda’s Team Wales web page:

All are welcome to join Team Wales, provided you can affirm at least ONE statement from the following list to be true.*

1. You were born in Wales.

2. You reside in Wales

3. You are of Welsh ancestry. (Surname of Davies, Evans, Morgan, Jones, etc.)

4. You have great a fondness for sheep OR daffodils OR leeks.

5. You think Wales has a really cool flag.

6. You cry every time you hear a Male Voice Choir singing Bread of Heaven OR while watching How Green Was My Valley.

7. You have attempted to sing the Welsh National Anthem, and you weren’t drunk at the time.

8. You have actually been to Wales.

9. You have always wanted to visit Wales.

10. You know where Wales is.

If you think you have what it takes to knit for Wales, read the Yarn Harlot’s Olympic Rules, grab a button, and send me a quick email with your name, and the URL of your blog or web site if you would like me to link to you.

Well, I’ve made friends with Marie Irshad in Wales, and I’ve sent a handful of shipments of my handpainted yarns to customers in Wales. I know where Wales is. I have a great fondness for the fuzzy stuff on the backs of sheep (not so big on the animals but grateful they exist). I have recorded at least two songs with daffodils in the lyrics. I own two kinds of Colinette yarn, hand-dyed in Wales, even though they really are beyond the scope of my normal spending plan. The flag is definitely cool (though I’d probably like it better in purple and turquoise, LOL). I think maybe I can qualify, given the inclusive intent behind the rules.

What do you think? Shall I go for Team Wales? Or shall I start a Team Michigan??? I know there are a huge number of knitters in my state. My local knit guild usually has 50 people there at a meeting, my spinning guild often has 100. Surely more than a handful are doing the knitting olympics and don’t yet have a team.

Anyone out there reading this in Michigan who wants a team of our own? Sarah? Kristi? Or has someone already done this and I missed it somehow???

Help Arrives Re: Cross-Over Vest/Top

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

I went to Little Red Schoolhouse yesterday to deliver some patterns. Linda and I chatted a little about the Cross-Over Top by Sally Melville. She gave me some hints I thought I could probably make work on that top for Knitting Olympics.

I posted here and on one of my email lists, about my wish to knit this piece the way it shows in the photo (rather than how the pattern was eventually printed in the book). One person wrote that somewhere on the Internet there are directions… I looked and didn’t find them yet, will try again.

But then someone who knows Cindy, who knit the Cross-Over Top herself, asked her to send me a note about it. She has provided me with good insight into the pattern. She did it the way I want to do it, with increases at the fold line rather than the edge of the garment. I think I’m going to go ahead on this one.

(Late update: Lorraine E. writes that there are notes *in the book* on how to do the increases the way I want. I didn’t see it the first and second time I went to the book, can you tell I’m not used to knitting from other folks’ instructions? I’m off to go dig through the book again, but it sounds simple enough, requiring one stitch marker.)

Start Over: Blue Sky, Sunshine!

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Well, Thursday is a new day. I woke up to blue skies and sunshine. Yesterday it got a lot colder and snowed, and often cold brings sunshine around here. I’ll take it!

I have three cut crystal ornaments hanging in my office window (it faces south). Right now they are making rainbows on the walls of the office. I love my rainbows.

It’s going to be a good day. I’m ready.