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Archive for February 10th, 2006


Friday, February 10th, 2006

Abbott BrothersI’ve done a lot in the last few days, and been away from the keyboard.

Thursday afternoon I had a wonderful CityKidz Knit! program. One of my knitters is going to make her first sweater for the Knitting Olympics. Go, Grrl!

Thursday night I had Guitar Herringbone Hat class at Rae’s, four women with a lot of knitting done. One complete hat, four more on needles, some almost finished. Totally different colorways, and I was so pleased for them. Great work. Took photos, will post Saturday.

Friday early afternoon I met Sharon P at the Gone Wired Cybercafe for a few hours of talking and knitting. I was swatching for my knitting olympics. My knitting is SO uneven, I just can’t tell you how much knitting I had to do (about 4 hours off and on) to get a reasonably close gauge… but it could change any second, I’ll have to re-measure when I have some real knitting on the real needles.

Friday late afternoon Altu and I went to dinner at Omi sushi restaurant in East Lansing and both tried new things we’d not tried before. Part of it was easier than others, but we did try much and we ate more than half of the far-too-much we ordered. It was a lovely special date for us, we talked and talked and talked. We loved it.

Friday evening I cast on for my knitting olympics and then went to Abbott Brothers rehearsal. We play at Altu’s restaurant tomorrow night/Saturday from 6:30-8:30pm for anyone who is interested.

Then back home I went to watch more of the Olympic stuff and I saw the torch being lit. Spectacular, really.

So far the olympic knitting is boring and tiny. I cast on 90 stitches, knit 4 rows in reverse stockinette, did an increase row (now I’m at 100 stitches), switched needles and knit another 4 rows, this time in stockinette rather than reverse. Same number of purls, either way!

I’m bored already. This yarn is gorgeous but it splits so I have to look at every single purl stitch. I am doing OK knitting without looking.

The cool part is that I’m knitting on ebony straight needles. My mom-in-law gave me a bunch of knitting stuff from a friend of hers who passed away… I think they gave both knitting and quilting stuff to MIL and she quilts but isn’t much of a knitter. So I got some great retro patterns and a really beautiful stash of old knitting needles. Including four pair of long ebony straights. Two of which ended up being the right size for my vest.

So I am enjoying the feel of the needles and the color of the yarn. I’m excited about the prospect of the vest/top itself.

In other interesting news, I decided to purl with the yarn around my neck rather than doing combination knitting. I really love purling this way, it’s as easy as knitting for me. I don’t think of doing it when I’m doing small things with just a few purls, but when I’m doing 100 purl stitches in a row I really enjoy the yarn around the neck. Nobody ever taught it to me, I just heard about it once and tried it. Sally Melville mentions it in her Purl Stitch book. I’m almost as fast purling this way as I am knitting, and I’m really fast at knitting because of how I hold my yarn (very low, over my left hand index finger, almost touching the left needle). Since when would I do things like other people, you know??? :-)

Time to sleep. pictures tomorrow, mostly of knitting other folks have done, either with my yarn, my pattern(s), and/or my classes.

Photo: Abbott Brothers Band at Altu’s restaurant in October 2005.