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Archive for February 14th, 2006

Hugs on Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

heartMy friends, it’s that odd holiday called Valentine’s Day again. I’m lucky, I have a sweet hubby this year (and the last nine) but I know that’s not common. It’s a crummy day for many, who might like one special beloved and don’t have one. I remember a year in my previous life standing at the greeting card display trying to find a card that was honest (“here’s to all the years together”) rather than gushing happy love stuff. Because we weren’t happy but I still needed a card. And there are those without a partner at all.

So I’m here to tell you that you folks out there reading this, make me feel loved. You make my day, my life. When I go to this or that coffeehouse or yarn shop or fiber festival, and you come up and ask me if I’m LynnH, and that you read my blog… well, that gives me all the wonderful warm fuzzies a person could need.

So remember, there is warmth and love around you even if you have no special happy individual who is your beloved. I feel you are beloved to me in a smaller but important way. And I acknowledge you all here today. Thank you for your loyal readership.

OK, everyone… go buy yourself a flower or a piece of Godiva chocolate or one small special something today, even if it’s just a special kind of coffee at the coffee stand at work. Treat yourself as your own valentine, regardless of your love interest(s) or none. You can love yourself with a sweet something today. Do it, sweetheart or not.

On the Road Again

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

MombasaBrian’s dad had his 70th birthday yesterday. We’re off to visit and wish him many more years. We’ll see some other relatives at the same time.

Because we’ll be focusing on family for about a week, I may be less accessible. I have photos from a few people who are doing my First-Time Toe-Up sock and I will put them up here as soon as I get time to edit their photos.

I’ll also do my best to get that special interactive space going for Team Michigan in the next few days, but I can’t promise when because of the family stuff. Which is good stuff, for sure… just distracting.

I did get some knitting done on my Olympic project yesterday. I feel very behind but it is still in the do-able range, because I can knit when hanging at Mom’s. I knit my first sweater (a knit-to-fit tee from a Sarah Peasley class) in large part at my Mom’s several years ago. I’ve knit a little over five inches so far, on the back which is the largest piece.

I’ll post later, I promise…

Photo: Since I have no time to edit pictures, here’s a recycled photo taken in December 2004. It’s a street scene in Mombasa Kenya, a town on the Indian Ocean, about 10-12 days before the Tsunami. Can you see the little boy blowing up a blue balloon behind the woman? This is one of my favorite street scene photos of my entire Africa trip.