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Archive for February 15th, 2006

Sleeping In, Relaxing

Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

Well, I am learning again how to do vacation. I find that I love my work and I work at home, and therefore I rarely take time off. Lately, though, my brother has noticed that I am not allowing myself to slow down even when it’s really clear I must for my health, be it physical or emotional.

So here we are visiting Brian’s parents and we slept in today. Brian’s Mother is a quilter so we slept under two pieces of art, a soft warm colorway and a rainbow/stained glass colorway. I woke up slowly and we chatted while I was still reclining. It was the ultimate way to wake up.

Today the sun shines. I can’t have a better thing to say than that.

For the record, my computer will *not* go online, we tried three different wireless cards and it’s very frustrating. I’m using Brian’s machine right now, so it will be short and sweet and without photos. This means a delay once more of a Team Michigan page/group but I will keep at it. We do have a few more folks who have joined the team in the last day and a half. Welcome to everyone!

Off to laze around some more. I have been knitting, both my Olympic piece and a sock for my beloved brother who I’ve only knit for once. Actually, I also knit half a cuff on a pair in Bingo for me, and bound off yesterday in transit. That’s pair 124 since I started, and the first pair this year. A lovely way to start a vacation, I’d say.

I’ll catch up with you as soon as I can. I’m hoping I will be able to buy a new wireless modem card before vacation is over. Meanwhile… remember to breathe!