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Archive for February 17th, 2006

Private Concert Day, Knitting Success

Friday, February 17th, 2006

huge poinsettia bush in Bahar Dar, EthiopiaBrian and I played three private concerts on Friday, two at a school (for kindergarteners), and a house concert at my Mom’s place for over a dozen of her friends. Fun, Fun, Fun!

When the House Concert guests went home, we watched a little of the Olympics. I finished the back of my top/vest before I went to sleep. That was a major deal, because I think the last inch of the top (the shoulder shaping) took longer than the seven inches before. I had to count and count and count… not used to that, and then doing it while watching snowboard cross means I lost count a lot. Nothing like ripping out to truly help you understand and enjoy your yarn!

We’re still at a point where we have to scrounge up wireless internet connections as we travel from point to point. Friday wasn’t a good day for that, but Saturday morning/noonish is a little relax time for us before getting in the car again. At least car travel time is good, solid knitting time.

I *just* realized that I’ve forgotten the small needles for casting on the first several rows of the edge. Ack. I do have some 7″ long double points and I can put stoppers on one end, maybe that will be enough to cast on one front at a time. I hope. Otherwise I knit socks until we get home, or if we find a chain craft store where I can buy needles. The nearest yarn shop is 20 minutes from where we are as I sit here typing, and where we go later today is even further from anything I know about as far as knitting goes.

I did bring yarn for my brother’s socks but I realized a few days back that I don’t have his foot length, just the circumference. I have knit toe up on both feet but will have to stop that fairly soon since it’s big yarn. Good thing I brought the size-zero-needle project for my mom, some golf socks with afterthought heels I’ve been working on intermittently since last April or so. I didn’t even remember I’d brought those, so I’m very grateful. If I had no knitting, I’d be a caged bird in that car today. Whew!

Of course I left my camera at Mom’s and I’m online at a restaurant in town (I’m even less organized on vacation than usual) so no pics of my work right now. They will come, in time.

Mom has a big poinsettia plant at her place… I didn’t get a photo of hers, but the photo here is an even bigger one we saw in Bahar Dar, Ethiopia (the northern historical district where we saw the Blue Nile) in December, 2004. I think it was about as tall as me!