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Archive for February 21st, 2006

Sock Pairs #124 and #125

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Socks 124While I was away, I finished two pair of socks I’d had partly knit for a good while. Pair 124 was in Bingo by Lana Grossa, I got it at Threadbear when I taught a First-Time Toe-Up class there in the last few months. It’s eggplant/dark purple and springy 100% washable wool.

I’ve made one pair of this yarn already and it’s been washed a half dozen times with no disappointment thus far. It’s fat yarn, 80m (88yd) in 50gm, rated for 4.5 to 5.5mm needles (a 4.5mm is a size 7 US in Clover/Takumi needles) on a sweater, anyway.

I used size 4US needles (I think 3.5mm) for these because that’s what I had on hand, the last pair I did in this yarn was on size 5 needles. The last pair were much softer but this pair will wear like iron, I’d expect!!! Even without any nylon content they are thick and dense and will take some abuse before wearing thin.

On this pair I followed my First-Time Toe-Up sock pattern exactly until the foot was complete. Instead of ending with a shortie rolled cuff, I kept going in a stockinette tube until I ran out of yarn, which did make a roll but much higher up (remember, I have a tiny foot, these were knit on very few stitches, I think 36 stitches around). They look sort of funny off the foot but I think they are just plain adorable on.

The next pair (#125 in my personal sock history), was knit in fingering weight yarn from Threadbear, which I purchased back in Spring 2005 (I think in April). I’ve long ago lost the ball band since I had to rewind the large 100gm skein into two small balls so I could knit both socks at the approximate same time.

These socks I made top down with a 1.25″ rib (knit 3 purl 1, my favorite especially in self-striping yarns) and an afterthought heel (four-part swirl) and four-part swirl decreased toe as well. They look even funnier off the foot than the last pair, but are cute on, and they fit Mom very well.

Socks 125Since Mom is usually in a place with decent weather, she wears short thin-wool socks happily and frequently. This yarn was greens and blues, her fave. It’s great to finally finish those… I mailed them out to her today after finishing all the ends and blocking them properly.

Rambling, Guild, Friends, Olympics, Sleep
So much to write about, my friends, and little time online today. I have run into so many knitting friends, had lunch with dear friend Tony for his birthday, also with friend Susan Hensel who was in town for a few days, and her son, and her son’s friend…

I go to the yarn shops where I teach, and I run into great people who know other great people I know. I just love that about this town.

And guild? Again, great people and no time to talk to them all. I was so hoping to catch Luann but she left while I was chatting with others. (Luann, you read this sometimes, I miss you.)

Tamsyn showed me her recently finished B4 bag. Pattern by my friend Trish Bloom who also designed the Bloom Shawl I’ve knit twice so far. But the coolest thing? Tamsyn made her own polymer clay buttons and beads for the bag (which features 4 “b’s,” bumps, bobbles, beads and buttons). It looked FABulous! Go, Tamsyn! Wish I’d taken a photo of that bag but it’s too late now.

I need to sleep, my friends. Last night I did it again, was so tired I fell asleep before midnight (me, the one who often is up till 2am and almost never asleep before 12:30)… on the wood floor by the heat vent. And I was SO tired that I literally slept there till I woke up at 8:45am after nine hours of sleep. Dead asleep, didn’t realize where I was, I was so out cold. I am grateful that nobody called to wake me up this time… yesterday being a holiday brought what seemed like dozens of phone calls, most of which had nobody there when we finally picked up the phone.

I loved the olympics tonight though I’ve knit very little on my top today. Now it’s time to be done with the day, forget pushing hard for the gold, and go to bed. I do have a new member of Team Michigan to put up on the page tomorrow, and I need to congratulate Kristi and Laney for their early-gold finishes.

Now, really… bedtime…