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Archive for March 2nd, 2006

Wiped Out!

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

I wasn’t kidding last night. I hit save on that entry and didn’t even proofread the final result. I had a typo making two links into one long one, which is fixed now.

I slept like a log, I was so tired! I was asleep long before midnight (this grrl usually doesn’t even think about sleep till 12:30 at the very earliest, often more like 2am).

Then I dreamed I was an hour late for work. Well, I did wake up to the alarm clock, thank goodness. Was only a touch late due to the sheet ice on the car (a New Beetle seems all glass when scraping ice) and slow traffic to match. I could have slept another several hours had I been able. I do feel better and the headache seems to have left me for a good while (I hope).

Thursdays are busy for me. I had a First-Time Toe-Up sock class, followed by a short lunch with Altu, then CityKidz Knit! program and computer lab for 3 hours at Foster Center, then another sock class at Rae’s. Since all the things I do are within a few miles of each other, it works out fine, but the car gets a lot of trips that are just a couple of minutes long.

I can’t seem to get time to work on the Olympic top now that the Olympic push is over. The project takes concentration and I can’t knit it when with other people around, I’m just not that kind of knitter.

Since today I knit at lunch with Altu and at CityKidz Knit! program, I didn’t exactly have time to knit the top. I did keep going with knitting the bulky Aspen sweater. Luann asked about the sweater. I looked all around the internet and I can not find a photo of it anywhere.

The pattern is free with yarn purchase at Threadbear, it’s called “Ecru Sweater” which is sort of too bad considering the Ecru is the ugliest of yellow-beige colors there are, and the Aspen yarn comes in many beautiful colors, enough that I had more than one that would have made me happy (no turquoise but two great pinkish variants that were intense enough for me, I picked soft raspberry).

The “Ecru” sweater is more than simple, really. It comes in only one size intended for a bust of 34/36″ but my gauge is making the sweater a little roomier and I’m quite fine with roomy.

The gauge is 4 stitches to the inch. Dang! And that’s measured without stretching the rib at all! Huge.

The basic sweater design is a Knit 1 Purl 1 rib on the entire garment, with the exception of a large ten-stitch-wide cable at center front. Fitted sleeves, and a fold-over turtleneck that I’ll be modifying to a mock turtle since the yarn is so fat already.

The front, back and sleeves are knit separately flat until armholes, then joined together in a tube for the “yoke” area and collar. The concept works fine in my mind, we’ll see how it goes once I start trying to follow the directions! It’s funny how I’m already diving into another sweater/top pattern while I’m still stuck on the first, isn’t it?

The yarn looks like a really smooth and resilient tube. It is dense and essentially doesn’t split at all, and shows excellent stitch definition. On a size 11 needle, this means there is a bit of air between stitches so it will need to be worn with a close-fitting turtleneck or other knitted shirt under it, or so I imagine.

OK, finally, photos from the last week and a half. 1) Rae and I at the Tuesday Knitting Olympics knit in (two Tuesdays ago already). She’s cute as a button as always, and I’m a bit goony but happy, can’t complain. 2) Brian and I on stage at the Temple Club. 3) Brian and I on stage at Altu’s last Saturday (me singing with mouth open and Brian looking blissful).

4) Friday night Jam session in our living room. Top Left, Fred Fallin the magnificent, from Chicago; in red at center, Brian Hefferan picking up a second ukulele; at right (feet and uke, anyway… face out of frame) Bob C. from Cincinatti who seems shy to go on stage though his talents are multitudinous; front left with back to camera, Bob M. of our Abbott Brothers band. Out of photo is Stan Werbin, uke player/Brian’s boss at Elderly Instruments; and myself at the camera shutter. 5) Second photo of jam several hours later. Bob M still out of focus (nice shoes), Fred strumming his own inimitable way, Brian singing, Bob C’s feet and uke, and the barest hint of Stan’s eyeglasses in bottom right corner. (Spooky, huh?)

6) Olympic top as it ended Sunday, before ripping out the fronts down to armholes. 7) Close-up of neckline. The top of the “lapels” is intended to lie flat. It’s seriously rolled here, folks. Ripping was the only answer.