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Archive for March 5th, 2006

Friday Pictures

Sunday, March 5th, 2006

Friday night the Habibi Dancers took over New Aladdin’s restaurant at Frandor shopping center. Lauren and I danced the first shift, and she and Lorice danced the second shift…

For the second show, most of the troupe and many significant others came to bid Maya goodbye. She’s moving to Tucson (where two of my former dance buddies have moved, so at least she’ll know a few folks there and have someone to dance with). Sad but festive… all at once.

Here are photos of Lauren and Lorice last Friday. They were so beautiful to watch. Lorice has the most beautiful smile of any dancer I’ve ever seen. She just glows. I realize this photo has her eyes closed, but doesn’t she look just as happy as a person can be? She’s gorgeous, and I liked this photo even better than the more traditional (eyes open) ones I took.

And last, but significantly not least, is a photo I took of Maya a few years ago. I love her much and will miss her deeply. Good-bye, my friend!

Added Photos

Sunday, March 5th, 2006

I just added photos to the entry from March 4… knitting class, plus music photos from the Ann Arbor Uke-athon. My, that was a fun time!

(I’m disappointed that all my photos of Peter Madcat Ruth did not turn out well enough even for the web. Perhaps you’ll click the link to his website and see his smiling, beautiful self. This man smiles from his head to his toes. And on top of that he’s an incredible musician…)