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Archive for March 6th, 2006

Adventures with the Boyz

Monday, March 6th, 2006

I taught polymer clay to seven enthusiastic women at Threadbear Fiberarts on Sunday. (The Boyz I mention in the title, are the two owners of the shop, Rob and Matt.)

We had fun, fun, fun! Well, early on we struggled with a batch of too-crumbly clay, but we persevered through all that and made some very wonderful things. Here is a photo of the first tray of goodies we put in my portable oven.

I had a chance to chat with Rob a bit on the way out the door for the night. This sweater was on a mannequin near the front door. This would be Rob’s Olympic Knitting project. It’s a particularly wearable sweater, wouldn’t you say? It’s a Colinette project, a tape yarn. You can read about this sweater challenge and other knitting adventures at his blog, Black Dog.

For the record, I’m knitting on three different projects right now. I am still slowly plugging away on my own Knitting Olympics project (the Sally Melville Purl Stitch Cross-Over Top from her Purl Stitch book).

It was worth ripping out the front pieces of this project down to the armholes, because this time I am matching the pattern so far. I think this might actually work! It’s just slow going because of smallish needles, splitty yarn requiring constant watching of each stitch, and purling a lot more than usual. Never mind I’m back to full-tilt in my business (no more vacation which is fine) and that means less personal knitting time.

I’m also about 7 or 8 inches into the Aspen bulky sweater. It goes fast and I can knit that in the dark (did so on the way back from Ann Arbor in the car, on Saturday night).

And yesterday I started a legwarmer in the turquoise/multi yarn I got at Threadbear a week ago on sale. I thought then and still think that I’d love to own a sweater made of this yarn. I’m not sure I’d love to knit that sweater, though! We’ll see if I give in to the temptation, but I need to deal with the two tops I have in process already, before I do yet another.

I did catch up with all the weekend photos but now I’ll need to take some knitting photos for you. Monday is rough, I teach 3 classes, so no promises as to when the photos will show up. Have as good a Monday as you can, my friends!