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Archive for March 12th, 2006

Bloomie is Festive

Sunday, March 12th, 2006

It was a day of knitting, eating, talking, knitting, eating, talking and more knitting. I knit a little on a pair of socks for me out of my own Tiptoe Sock yarn, and a little on a Button Hat kit, and a little on my Aspen Sweater, and more on my olympic knitting top/vest than I’ve done in almost a week. I have to remember to decrease on every other round for the socks and every row on the top at this point, and I’m not good at remembering intermittent things while chatting, but I haven’t ripped much.

My Aspen sweater back is ready to join to three other pieces that are not yet cast on/started. So really, right now I’m best off doing the socks or hat for low-stress, low-focus knitting.

Four of us went to dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse (the others had Italian). It’s a new place in town, just a few months. It was good entertainment and good food. My friends all ate something which was prepared at the grill table where we sat. I was really happy to have some avocado rolls, cucumber rolls, edamame (steamed soybeans in the pod) and a small portion of smoked salmon sushi. Yes, raw fish but smoked rather than totally raw. It’s actually quite tasty if you throw away pre-conceived ideas of what food should be/not be.

It was sort of fun to knit in public at the Japanese restaurant. Two of us were knitting and one was spinning yarn on a drop spindle (a very portable way to make yarn). We had a few curious looks. We enjoyed the looks very much!

Then, of course, we went back to the hotel to knit and talk again. Now it’s past 2am here and past 3am at home. Bedtime. I did take photos but they will need to wait.