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Archive for March 17th, 2006

News Flash! First Flower of Spring!

Friday, March 17th, 2006

flowerStop the presses! There was a single blossom in our yard this morning!!! I took this photo on my way to crochet class this morning, about 10:25am.

The National Weather Service says that at 3:55pm today it was 38F (3.3C). I’m here to say the sky was especially beautiful today, and I got some time to appreciate it. We had about 60% fluffy white clouds, and behind that you could actually see an amazing sky; blue, almost with a tinge of purple. The sun shone and it was like a picture postcard.

Brian and I went on a short walk. I enjoyed being out there without needing layers and layers of wool to protect me from the cold.

I have to admit, this flower just picked a lucky place to grow. It is at the join between the foundation of the house and the soil, on the south side. It gets more sun than most places in our yard at this time of year, and it happens to be directly under the hot-air exhaust of the clothes dryer. Not so close as to get cooked, but close enough to be teased that it might actually be warm outside occasionally. Silly plant, to believe such things!

I don’t care what artificial means it took to bloom. I was overjoyed with this tiny flower (it’s about the size of the tip of my smallest finger). I first thought it was a violet, as we have them growing wild on that side of the house. They are usually the first to bloom each year.

But looking at this photo (now that it is dark outside), I think it is a periwinkle/myrtle bloom. We have a lot of this ground cover on two sides of the house, it does very well in the mostly-shady yard. It definitely would not have bloomed this soon if it were not in the dryer-vent area.

We also have several daffodil buds growing fatter right now, and the daylilies are pushing up spring green shoots. I think it’s too early to say we won’t have more frost/snow, but the daffodils are optimistic. I’ll take it, for today!