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Archive for March 21st, 2006

Jam-Packed Day

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

I can’t tell you how much happier I am since I stopped worrying about my calendar/palm device! Tuesday morning I got started right away on my tax preparations which do take me a while to get all pulled together. I’m not a very organized person when it comes to paper… thank goodness at least the records on the computer are in a fairly easy to access format!

I took a break to have tea and knitting with dear friend Sharon P/Knitknacks, and then went back home for more tax prep. Again, I took a little time out to go to the Mid-Michigan Knitting Guild meeting, and back home to do more taxes and rehearse music with Brian.

I am still fiddling a little with the palm device… the calendar works great as does the address book. My Pocket Quicken (a sort of checkbook register) is not synchronizing yet, but I’m sure I can figure that out. It’s not something I use every day, anyway!

Knitting? Oh, yeah! I think it was yesterday that I had my Turkish Toe-Up Socks ready for the heel, which is what we’ll be covering in class Wednesday morning at Threadbear. In waiting times I’ve been knitting some of my new sockyarn into almost-too-snug toe up socks for me on size 0 needles.

And I had the happy experience of working on my lapsed Olympic Knitting project with Sharon today. I finished the decreases for the neckline if I figure it right, so now I just have to do the shoulder slope shaping. I did short rows for that part on the back, so will do my best to mirror that on the front. Of course, that takes a little thinking and I don’t have much thinking knitting time. One day at a time, I guess.

Other languishing projects are the Aspen bulky sweater, another Multicolor Mohair Bloom Shawl in magenta, a pair of socks half-knit for my Brother (will hope to fit to size on Friday this week when I plan to see him), a not-yet-started Garden Stole which will be a summer version for Little Red Schoolhouse to display, and my wonderful but long-ignored Lucy Neatby Equilateral Triangle Vest. Or those are the things I can remember right now, sitting here.

I have ends to work in on a rug I started years ago and finished a few months ago. I may use it as a lap blanket rather than a rug, though! I also have a Sally Melville Funnel Neck I converted to machine knitting… finished except for sewing together. Machine knitting uses a lot of waste yarn instead of a cast on, so there are yarn ends everywhere, some useful and some ready to be removed from the garment… it looks a mess but will be pretty when I get it sewn together.

And then there are bags and bins of projects I’ve started with students taking my classes. A barely started Basketweave Rug, a cast on for a Watercolor Bag, at minimum. I think I have a Fast Florida Footie somewhere, and an almost finished set of bulky First-Time Toe-Up sock footies. Whew! And that’s what I remember without going over and looking into the overflowing “projects in progress” box behind the couch.

For now? I’m satisfied that I did a good job on taxes this day off, and I’m ready to sleep. I start the day with Turkish-Style Toe-Up socks tomorrow with Irene at Threadbear. It will start the day right.

Image added next morning: Cat with toy knit for him by his human mom, my student Lauren. He loves it! He was throwing it in the air and catching it, I’m surprised I was able to get this photo for all the action…