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Archive for March 22nd, 2006

“My” CityKidz

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

CityKidz Knit!I love my CityKidz Knit! program. It’s the best thing I do all week, bar none. Last Thursday I had sixteen people. Every single one had been to my room at least once before.

Ten were children from ages 5 to 15. One was a friend/knitting student, about my age, who comes by occasionally on Thursdays. Three were grandmothers of kids in the program, and there was an aunt and a mother as well. And me, the seventeenth person. I was so pleased: we were many ages (five to grandparent), many lines of ethnic heritage (all human race, of course), from many neighborhoods, many happy and smiling faces, much creativity. I tell you, life does not get better than this.

CityKidz Knit!I’ve been doing this program since before I had a blog, and I started writing here in November 2003. You’d think I’d get tired of it. But today, again, I helped an elementary-aged girl make her first wristband (five stitches, garter fabric/all knit stitches, worsted-weight acrylic yarn). She was enthusiastic about how cool it is to make things from just yarn. And indeed, it is cool! As are the folks who take the time to do it.

Today the kids had a chat about how knitting is good for them. They know it’s easier for them to sit still when they are knitting. One also noted that knitting is quiet, and she clearly understood that this might be a significant plus in her life, having a quiet pastime.

The CityKidz sometimes ask me if I have children. I tell them that *they* are my kids. That I don’t have any at home. I love the ones I’ve got, that is enough for me!

Photos: Sixteen of my favorite folks in the world, knitting and crocheting together last Thursday. A smaller group last Wednesday.