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Archive for April 4th, 2006

The Joy of Silence

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Tea in EgyptI get to be alone today, at least for several hours. I sooooo love these days. The loudest sounds are the furnace fan blowing and the keys clicking as I type. I thrive in public (though I definitely prefer tea with one friend to a room full of chaos) but all things need balance, and after days of teaching I really am loving this quiet.

I did start my day socially. My friend April called and she and baby and dog were going for a walk, did I want to go? Yes, I did. So I held the leash of a curious but timid large dog, and April pushed the stroller.

It was a pleasant walk, if chilly. I saw my first robin of the year, which was a great way to start the day. At one point we found wild violets and picked one for little Isabel (who will be two this month). She held that violet between her two fingers for the longest time, just checking it out. Very sweet.

In case anyone wonders how small this city of 130,000 really is, small would be the answer. April and I were walking several blocks from home (we live next door to one another with a side street between us) and someone drove their car into their driveway in front of us. April exclaimed that she knew this person, and darned if I didn’t know her as well! April works with her, and she’s in the knitting guild. Small world, this town of creative souls.

Tea in EgyptBut now I’m alone. The sun is behind clouds but I can tell there is a sun up there. I am at my desk, which is my favorite place in the house. I’m drinking some good Ceylon tea I got at American Bulk Food yesterday (which surprisingly has a great selection of mideastern foods such as great black oil-cured olives and incredible whole dates). This is the best new tea I have sampled in a long time. The label is written partly in Arabic, and it reminds me of my visit to Egypt. Over a year ago, already.

As soon as I hit “save” for this blog I’m back to taxes. (Thank goodness, the headache seems to have exited the picture.) I expect to finish the tax reports today. Then I will laze on the couch and knit whatever the heck I wanna knit!!! Or so go my best-laid plans…

Photos (December 2004): 1) Tea in Cairo, Egypt, at the Marriott Hotel restaurant with the Egyptian theme. 2) Tea on the road between Cairo and Alexandria, at a sort of tourist spot, with a peasant theme. The best breakfast we had in Egypt! A sort of flat bread (fresh from the clay oven) with local honey and a cottage-cheese sort of dip, incredibly tasty and authentic. Notice that both these restaurants served tea in glasses rather than cups.