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Archive for April 5th, 2006

I’m Dancing this Friday!

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

LynnH as EudoraOh, Joy! I get to dance at New Aladdin’s this Friday! I’m sorry that one of the two originally scheduled to dance is not feeling up to par, but I’m so very excited that I get to dance!!!

I had a class with 3 people in it scheduled Friday, and then 2 had to drop out. So that last one will get a class but with a revised schedule, and then I get to dance. Woohoo!

I am just like a little girl. I love to play dress up. I put on my turquoise dress and I become Eudora. Sort of like Cinderella only better!

For those of you in Lansing, Michigan, the show is in an outer building of Frandor (same building as the video store). Show times are about a half hour, one show at 6:30 and one at 8:00pm. No cover, but the food is so good you’ll want to try something. If you don’t want a meal they have fresh smoothies and great mideastern baked goods such as baklava, and the best rice pudding in town. Please join us for a fun time!

Photo: Me as Eudora at Aladdins last September.

Sigh of Completion

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

I finished taxes at 1:18am, gave myself an hour of crocheting in peace on the couch and crashed. Wednesday I seemed to be more-than-fashionably late to everything, but I got through all my appointments. After dance rehearsal I had dinner at Altu’s with my friend Anne and her delightful 4yr old daughter. Life could be much worse.

Tonight the only deskwork I’m doing is printing out the tax forms and envelopes to mail. Then more crochet, or so goes my plan. The bag is developing very nicely, the colors I chose are really really nice, and it looks like nine zillion single-crochet stitches from now I’ll have a beautiful, peacock-colored felted crochet bag. I’m swearing at it a little less often, anyway, and ripping out is bothering me less than it did a week ago.

Off to sign forms and stuff envelopes. Then I’ll practice music with my sweetie and end the day with more crochet.

I’m scheduling classes this week for the next few months. Last minute requests, anyone?