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Archive for April 9th, 2006

Irene’s Turkish-Style Toe-Up Socks

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

socksAs promised, here’s a photo of some socks. The one on the left is Irene’s sock (she’s finished a pair now, surely, as she had less than an inch to go on the second sock over a week ago). It is knit in a handpainted DK-weight yarn (light sweater weight, knits for sweaters at 5.5st/in) which she bought at Threadbear Fiberarts.

She can’t remember the brand and neither can I, but it’s just perfect for this pattern! The color changes really accentuate the center-front slipped stitch pattern.

For the record, the center sock is the first one I made, from which I transcribed the pattern. The right sock is my own that I’ve been knitting with Irene. I finished my pair on Thursday night.

Dress-Up for Grownups

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

LynnH as EudoraI admit it. I LOVE clothes. I love fabric, color, and assembling things together, sometimes in such a way that nobody but me knows I really planned to look like that.

I can look odd to today’s fashion sense. The longer I live, the less I worry about that. In fact the longer I live the more inclined I am to dress in an outrageous fashion. If the colors “go,” why shouldn’t I wear a plaid sweater with a print skirt? I haven’t done quite that yet but I get pretty close. I amaze myself.

But whether your style is urban casual, rugged outdoorsy, drama queen, goth or country-club chic (or anything else I haven’t mentioned), I strongly believe that costuming is an artform. And I mean not just on stage but every day of the year. Some of us are not into thinking about it, some of us make a life of it.

And the most glittery, fun, shiny, dress-up clothing I own is the dress I got in Cairo the week of Christmas, 2004. I wanted to show some friends the dress so the photo I posted in the previous column was not quite enough to show it off.

LynnH as EudoraThis dress is all about making a girl look as much female as is possible. It has accents where my curves are, and there are little glass-beaded fringe bits that move everytime I move. There are sequins, rhinestones and beads all on the same fabric surface. It would be “too much” if it were not made for theatre. It’s a costume that could be worn no other place but on the dance stage. And it’s just incredible at making me look great when I move to the music.

Yes, I can be a diva. OK, I admitted it. That is not the only character attribute I have, but this dress brings it out in a big way.

Some other days, I want to wear the largest sweater I own with leggings (like thick cotton tights without feet), legwarmers and a shawl… and just curl up on the heatvent or couch at home in total comfort. Not worrying about how I look at all.

But some days call for rhinestone jewelry and (gasp) even makeup. And I become Eudora, the diva dancer. I look so different that people who know me casually don’t recognize me until I speak to them. That’s sort of fun, actually.

I’m not the greatest dancer I know, but I’m pretty good or I would not have been able to audition into the Habibi troupe. I really love dancing and I smile like crazy the whole time I dance. Folks always remember my smile after the dancing ends. People always enjoy having me dance for them- I’m having such fun that they can join in and have a good time with me. How cool is that?

OK, done talking about myself for at least a short while. I present here two more pics of the dress for my friends to see… and then I’ll come back with photos of (gasp) knitting! My usual obsession, that is.