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Archive for April 14th, 2006

Seth Bernard & Daisy May

Friday, April 14th, 2006

When we were at Magdalena’s Teahouse last Saturday, one of the performers was Seth Bernard. Brian knew who he was but I’d not met him before. We traded CDs, as performers often do.

Then I went home to do some deskwork. I popped the CD in the computer drive. (The CD is called Seth Bernard and Daisy May. Period. Keeping it simple and direct… like the music.) And I had a hard time paying attention to the deskwork.

Oh, My! I love this. It’s not my normal thing, either… it’s earthy, grounded but more twangy in places perhaps, than I usually would listen to at home. (I typically choose from 1920’s early jazz/tin pan alley, 70’s folk/pop, and African/world music.) Yet it’s just right. It’s just plain authentic. It’s what it is, they are who they are, and there is so much to love about that.

I’m SO glad I have this CD. I’ve played it several times already and not done with it for a while, for sure!

They both are clearly great musicians, upon which the rest of the magic stands. He’s got a sort of grounded, calming voice that makes you want to listen to every word. And I really love his lyrics. He’s truly a poet.

Her voice… as a singer myself, I’m blown away. The sound is wonderfully expressive without pushing too hard, soulful without trying to be someone else. I kept thinking Janis Joplin, to be honest. In all the good ways. She is young, but she is strong and grounded. What an instrument that voice is!

I like much about this CD, but I *LOVE* Daisy May’s voice best of all. What a talent; a down-to-earth, expressive talent. A young woman who already clearly knows who she is and sings her heart out from that centered place.

For the record, these two also clearly have friends in all the right places… that is, as backup musicians. The CD website says “…Dominic Suchyta on bass, Drew Howard on pedal steel and Andrea Moreno-Beals on cello.” Top notch, seen often at some of the better gigs in Lansing that I’ve attended.

If you love good vocals, check this out. If you love authenticity, dive in. It’s just as good as it gets.

Follow the link above and you can listen to “Shine On” by Daisy May (bottom left of web page). Not just a little clip, either… the whole song. Go on, follow the link and listen away.