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Archive for April 20th, 2006

Sewing, for a Change

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

For those who don’t read here often, I’m in a middle-eastern dance troupe called Habibi Dancers. We have our annual concert *this* Saturday at the Hannah Center in East Lansing. We have our dress rehearsal tomorrow/Friday night.

For anyone who is interested in attending, here is the schedule:
Evening concert
Doors 7:30 PM
Concert 8:00 PM
East Lansing Hannah Community Center
Albert A. White Performing Arts Theater
819 Abbott Rd., East Lansing, MI 48823

I asked to only be put into one dance this year. I just get so crazed trying to make all the night rehearsals between teaching classes, and trying to remember dances when I don’t really have enough rehearsal time to do more than one dance justice. I’m really enjoying this season better than ever… after years of 2 or 3 dances to remember.

Each dance we are in requires a special costume. Often we make new costumes for this show. This year I lucked out, and I got to borrow part of my costume. The other part my friend Marie is making (she’s making five costumes that match, and I promise I’m telling her how wonderful she is every time I can). This is the first year I have not had some serious sewing to do.

So my friend April is in two dances. And she has a fulltime job at a hospital, and a two-year-old toddler who is very insistant on Mommy’s attention when Mommy is home. Add to that, April has done quite a bit of altering costumes that were already made, but not too much with sewing from patterns, from scratch.

I don’t sew much any more. In fact, I have only taken out my sewing machine for dance costumes, in the last ten years or so (I actually own three machines, from my “previous life”).

But once upon a time (before Brian, polymer clay and my current knitting obsession), my primary creative outlet was sewing. And some things you have done a lot in the past you can remember easily, like riding a bicycle after years of not doing it.

I decided to help out. I went to April’s house (across the street) last night and helped her cut out part of her skirt. Tonight I went back over there, got the pattern (which needed altering, something I was never experienced at doing), altered and cut out the pattern.

Now I’m off to un-bury a sewing machine which literally is hiding on an old typing table in the corner of an attic room. And sew a little bolero jacket for my tiny friend. ‘Cuz it’s easier to sew for her than babysit, if I want to be helpful. Her child is wonderful and loves me, but she really likes being with Mommy more than Lynn. And this is as it should be. Besides, I can sew faster than April can, so it will be done sooner this way.

Off to make a lovely hot pink crushed velvet jacket.